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5/24/2018  AL-BW-3 ALBaldwin Near Normal General Awareness
After a wet week last week, it seems we are missing almost all the rain showers at my location. Only had 0.03" of rain since Saturday 5-20. Looks like a lot may be on the way if the tropical system comes this way.  
5/24/2018  CO-AM-10 COAlamosa Severely Dry General Awareness
Tourism & Recreation
Water Supply & Quality
Conditions continue critically dry with high fire danger and red flag conditions almost daily. Small lightning-caused grass fire in pasture at Zapata Ranch about ½ mile from this station on the 20th quickly extinguished by FD. We should be at the peak of spring runoff now and for the next two weeks -- there is almost no snow on the Sangre de Cristo Mountains despite recent 0.19 received at this station 5/21 & 5/22. Creeks in Trinchera drainage should currently be at runoff peak. Based on long-term averages today's flow in the Trinchera Creeks are: Trinchera Creek: 9.3%; Ute Creek: 7.5%; Sangre de Cristo Creek: 0.04% Reservoir storage water is being delivered to many stockholders in the Blanca-Ft Garland area knowing that without monsoon rains, the storage water may run out before finishing the crops. Spring grasses and other vegetation either not starting to grow, or are stunted and/or withering. Grass crunches while walking through it. At Great Sand Dunes National Park, the low-flow in Medano Creek (which normally flows between the dunes and the primary visitor access) is absent, diminishing the "park experience" and dissuading visitation.  
5/24/2018  FL-HB-3 FLHillsborough Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
70*F Mostly cloudy skies. A 40% chance of rain and thunderstorms. A high temperature of 87*F.  
5/24/2018  GA-MI-5 GAMcIntosh Near Normal General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
This report is for the week of 14-20 May 2018. It was a rainy week. We had five days of rain for a total of 0.85 inches of recorded rainfall. We had two morning with dew. I did cut back on watering potted plants this week because of the rain and all plants are doing well. The Raccoon and Squirrels have young and are being pests at the bird feeders.  
5/24/2018  IN-CL-14 INClinton Moderately Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Water Supply & Quality
Soil moisture is still low even with the rains that fell last week. Lake level continues to drop.  
5/24/2018  MI-EM-8 MIEmmet Near Normal General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Warmer weather has dried out the water. More near normal.  
5/24/2018  MN-DK-70 MNDakota Moderately Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Tourism & Recreation
It is Dry. Tempature in the upper 80°s to 90°F• the Humidity in the 40%s, the Dewpoint in the 60°s. Good for the Outdoors work & play.  
5/24/2018  MO-SS-37 MOSt. Charles Moderately Wet After 4"+ of rain in the past week the previously bone dry ponds at the park where I bike ride are now full. Some water was drained from the main lake to the Dardenne Creek earlier this week. All of the waterfowl have moved on with just a few Canadian Geese with a few goslings around. A pair of Bald Eagles was noted last week in"the Eagle tree". Nesting?  
5/24/2018  NC-AV-7 NCAvery Mildly Wet General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Area is still moist, creek level slightly up, forest floor moist on surface, slightly wet underneath leaf litter. Plants and trees are green and not lacking in water.  
5/24/2018  NC-CM-42 NCCumberland Mildly Dry General Awareness
We have had a number of showers throughout the past week. The garden soil is damp but not wet. The flower beds and herb garden are looking good and requiring very little additional watering.  
5/24/2018  SC-GV-15 SCGreenville Near Normal General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
It's been rainy for over a week. Back yard an neighborhood are looking good.  
5/24/2018  WV-KN-5 WVKanawha Moderately Wet General Awareness
Just had a little over 2 inches over the past 2 days. Soil is wet to about 3 inches then just moist after that.  
5/24/2018  CAN-MB-75 CANManitoba Moderately Dry General Awareness
Still need more rain to get the fire bans lifted  
5/24/2018  CAN-MB-144 CANManitoba Moderately Dry Agriculture
South. Central Manitiba. Still no rain, crops, pastures and gardens need rain. Sloughs and dug outs have very little water for livestock. Risk of fire is an issue.  
5/24/2018  CAN-ON-178 CANOntario Near Normal General Awareness
ground is soft, forest low areas are muddy, pond is full with small over flow. Farmers are working the fields  
5/24/2018  CAN-ON-283 CANOntario Moderately Wet General Awareness
Above normal rainfall so area fields are still too wet for farmers to start planting. Lakes are higher than normal. No flooding on Lake St Clair side but had flooding on Lake Erie coastal side.  
5/24/2018  CAN-ON-602 CANOntario Near Normal Plants & Wildlife
Minimal watering for gardens, grass is growing quickly.  
5/24/2018  CAN-SK-6 CANSaskatchewan Moderately Dry Agriculture
Light spotty showers Wednesday night, hot weather continues. Pastures and hayland are very dry.