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6/28/2017  AL-JC-12 ALJackson Near Normal General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Still seeing effects of last year's severe drought. Forest trees, fruit trees and shrubs that have been on my farm for many years are dead and some are continuing to die.  
6/28/2017  FL-BW-117 FLBroward Moderately Wet General Awareness
into a typical summer pattern now. with daily afternoon thunderstorms or night and morning showers. the atlantic tropics are quiet as june is not normally a busy month. the activity early this month was anomalous.lawns are green and beautiful.  
6/28/2017  IN-LK-26 INLake Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Garden mildly dry  
6/28/2017  NC-HN-41 NCHenderson Near Normal On Sunday I'll return to reporting conditions once a week. The following are additional native plants that are currently blooming on this site under these weather conditions... Eupatorium coelestinium, Hieracium venosum, Galax aphylla, Pontederia cordata  
6/28/2017  CAN-NB-1 CANNew Brunswick Mildly Wet General Awareness
Irrometer 14 cb. Precip 3.8 mm and evap 0.04 in. Soil temp 16.7 C.