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11/23/2017  CA-HM-74 CAHumboldt Mildly Wet General Awareness
able to do normal activities.  
11/23/2017  CA-SD-76 CASan Diego Severely Dry General Awareness
Extremely dry. High of 95º on the 22nd Nov.  
11/23/2017  FL-HB-3 FLHillsborough Moderately Dry General Awareness
70*F Mostly cloudy, 60% chance of rain. Happy Thanksgiving to all.  
11/23/2017  FL-PB-87 FLPalm Beach Near Normal General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Water Supply & Quality
Not at all  
11/23/2017  ID-VL-1 IDValley Moderately Wet General Awareness
Water Supply & Quality
It have been a very wet Nov. so far. The 10" of snow we got earlier has all but gone and the ground is saturated. This is very good for our water year. The last 3-4 year we have not had much snow for Thanksgiving, 20-30 years ago we always had 15" or so by this time.  
11/23/2017  NC-AV-7 NCAvery Near Normal General Awareness
Leaf litter in the forest is still moist under the first layer. Feeder creek levels are "normal".  
11/23/2017  NC-CM-42 NCCumberland Moderately Dry General Awareness
We have had just a small amount of rain this week.  
11/23/2017  WI-RC-8 WIRacine Near Normal General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Ground is starting to freeze up. Bright sun and high winds should help farmers dry any still standing corn. Above freezing temps forecast for the next couple of days.