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4/20/2021  GA-FL-23 GAFloyd Near Normal General Awareness
normal activities  
4/20/2021  MI-BN-5 MIBerrien Mildly Wet rain 28/100  
4/20/2021  MI-EM-8 MIEmmet Mildly Wet General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Relief, Response & Restrictions
Society & Public Health
Tourism & Recreation
.04 inches of rain. Has gotten colder.  
4/20/2021  NY-BM-14 NYBroome Mildly Dry General Awareness
Dry for spring. Only a quarter inch of rain this week. Below normal precipitation for month, season, and 90 days. Rivers low for this time of year. Not much rise response for the 1"+ we got 2 weeks ago. Grass is green and trees are budding out now.  
4/20/2021  NY-WY-11 NYWyoming Mildly Wet Agriculture
Plants & Wildlife
Mostly sunny and cool with a light breeze, becoming overcast before sunset with night time rain. The high temperature was around fifty nine degrees and the low around thirty seven degrees Fahrenheit. Songbirds are eating voraciously. Marsh Marigolds are flowering. Black Walnut trees are beginning to bud and leaf out.  
Showing 5 Records.