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Searched: Stations in Colorado. Report date on 5/11/2021.
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DateStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.Comments 
5/11/2021 CO-BO-99Hygiene .79 N 0.62 Overcast, 6 miles lo clds, 38deg, 97%RH, Wind NNE 5 mph, 24HR HI 54deg, LO 33deg, Peak wind N 26 mph @ 16:37 hrs.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AR-386Littleton 0.1 ESE 0.37 About .03" was snow in the funnel   View 
5/11/2021 CO-DG-271Parker 4.8 NE 0.30 1/4" of SNOW   View 
5/11/2021 CO-EP-333Colorado Springs 5.0 ENE 0.53 Snow on Grassy surfaces. Streets just wet/damp.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-JF-504Arvada 3.6 WSW 0.20 rain: 0.11 morning, 0.01 afterhoon, 0.03 evening, 0.05 overnight. If there was any overnight snow or slush, it melted by morning.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-JF-544Golden 3.6 E 0.23 mix of rain and snow flakes at times   View 
5/11/2021 CO-KC-112Flagler 4.5 E 0.70 some snow and still snowing   View 
5/11/2021 CO-LR-40Loveland 1.5 N 1.34 Chilly day yesterday with rain for most of the day, turning over to snow late afternoon. Rain/snow mix in the evening and continued overnight. Rain/snow mix and cold this morning. High yesterday 43°, low 32°. Currently rain/snow showers and 32°, with a dew point of 31°.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-LN-57Hugo 0.3 SSW 0.68 The snow accumulation was very soft and slushy. This I believe to be reason for the unusually high moisture content.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-WE-424Greeley 1.7 ESE 0.95 Falling moisture like slow, fat flakes. Very wet. 36 degrees.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-YU-68Wray 4.2 NNE 0.45 Cloudy, rain overnight   View 
5/11/2021 CO-JF-523Conifer 4.1 NW 0.72 28 degree at collection time. Snowing lightly. Snow and ice in the collector and core. Had to let a layer of ice on the bottom of the collector melt.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-HF-14Walsenburg 8.7 W 0.56 Foggy all day with showers and some snow.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-JF-251Arvada 3.3 NNW 0.35 Wet snow rain mix through the night. Snow accumulation was difficult to measure because it was only on some cold surfaces.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-LR-1262Fort Collins 1.9 SW 1.38 Rain was on and off all day, turning to wet, heavy snow in the afternoon. Light snow continued to fall at the time of observation, to be captured in today's gauge catch...   View 
5/11/2021 CO-SU-6Silverthorne 2.1 WSW 0.30 0522210630 Sc SCT Ac CS BKN 20+ Mi 25º 83% RH N 1+ W 17 kt Tmxmn 41 23ºF Ns SW RW S/R mix All Day AM 3” Snow melted PM 2” snow accumulate SWE 0.30 “ Depth 3.0 inches max S+ 0830-0930 1100-1130 1830-1910   View 
5/11/2021 CO-CH-36Cheyenne Wells 0.2 E 1.04 Praise God in Heaven   View 
5/11/2021 CO-BO-383Longmont 2.4 NE 0.48 Gage likely included some melted snow. There was a trace on the roofs and grass and in the gage funnel.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-BO-202Ward 4.6 NE 0.56 Tmax: 34 (right around noon, otherwise all below freezing); Tmin: 22 (right around 1am MDT). Partial measurements: 0.12/0.7" (1pm, melting snow on snowboard); 0.19/2.1(5pm); 0.18/2.4(8:30pm); 0.07/1.0(1am MDT); T/T (6:40am). Overcast this morning, with perhaps one lost flurry in the air. Last round of snow expected this afternoon to get monthly total above 2'.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-JF-201Littleton 8.2 WSW 0.36 The snow report is an average between the where the snow has stuck the most (0.4") and the least (0). Low temp was 34 so didn't stick on warmest surfaces. I measured 0.24" liquid + 0.12 from melte snow in gauge = 0.36" total   View 
5/11/2021 CO-LP-26Hesperus 13.3 SSW 0.00 Nice day, partly cloudy, windy 69º, 33º current 35º   View 
5/11/2021 CO-LR-687Loveland 2.7 E 1.11 yesterday's high 48 (9C); Rain started after lunch, ~16:00 turned to slush making rooftops white! heavy rain later then leaving white layer on roofs and grass. 20:00 34 F(1C), 0.88" in gauge +0.23" over night! overnight low 35 F, calm, overcast, Rockies hidden, again light drizzle/snow, RH 87%.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-EP-359Colorado Springs 7.2 ENE 0.68 31 degrees, overcast and calm. Yesterday rain, drizzle, snow, sleet all day. Only started snowing and accumulating late. Measurement on deck and grass. Street and sidewalk clear. Some melted before it began accumulating   View 
5/11/2021 CO-SU-69Silverthorne 1.0 NNE 0.30 Temp: 26 F, Humidity: 73 %, Dew Point: 19 F A break in snow fall at observation time but more due later today.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-JF-72Broomfield 2.3 SSW 0.38 Most of the snow melted upon contact. Snow remains on ~50% of area, primarily on wood and some grassy surfaces. Lightly snowing at 0656 obsv time.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-EP-412Security 2.2 NW 0.56 Rain, some snow than rain again   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AD-100Thornton 2.1 N 0.91 Thi 47 @ 15:39. Rain continued from prev obs, break in rain about 10:00. Accum since obs = 0.07". Rain starts 12:35, intermittent during the afternoon.. Winds pick up from WNW, peak gust 23 @ 18:36 / / @ ~ 19:33, very small, soft graupel, T=34. Sometime between 19:50 to 20:35, the precip changed to snow. ....... @ Obs: T=32, winds calm, flurries continue. // Note. Snow depth from raised hard surface. Ground reads from trace to 0.5" depth.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AD-120Brighton 2.1 NNW 0.57 Rain last night.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AD-127Aurora 4.2 NNW 0.48 Rain during day turning to snow overnight   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AD-153Westminster 1.6 NE 0.49 .12" rain and the rest snow A few large flakes falling this morning   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AD-250Westminster 3.6 SW 0.12 Light coating of snow on elevated surfaces, most precip fell as rain (or immediately melting snow)   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AD-254Westminster 1.0 E 0.51 Rain/snow mix 18:45-19:05 a pause than moderate snowfall 19:40 through morning 5/11/2021.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AM-1Alamosa 5.8 WNW 0.05 rain   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AM-10Great Sand Dunes 7.0 SSW 0.26 Light rain & slush overnight.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AR-43Denver 9.4 S 0.80 Rained lightly all day and turned to snow around 9:30 PM.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AR-85Centennial 5.5 E 0.44 combination of rain and snow   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AR-290Littleton 1.5 NE 0.44 Light snow began at 9:08 pm. The snow melt I measured was included in the total moisture. Estimate .35 inches of rain before snow.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AR-358Centennial 6.9 E 0.38 .3 inches of rain by early evening and snow starting around 9pm   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AR-379Aurora 10.5 SE NA EDIT: 2.00" precip set to NA pending followup with observer. Suspect this is new snow or a precip typo. OST 5/11/2021 6:47 AM -CCR Staff SDH-   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AR-381Bennett 10.8 SSW 0.31 Light rain showers during daylight hours, snow overnight. 0645 temperature 32F.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AR-385Centennial 4.4 ENE 0.24 .24 of rain/water is in the gauge, with snow still resting on top.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AR-395Littleton 1.3 ESE 0.51 rain throughout yesterday, snow on the grassy areas this morning.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AR-396Centennial 1.9 W 0.27 Mixed precip due to rain shifting to overnight snowfall. Resulted in trace snow, that primarily melted as it fell   View 
5/11/2021 CO-AU-37Pagosa Springs 5.8 SSE T Brief, light showers between 1530 and 2000 but only a drop in the gauge.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-BO-2Broomfield 1.2 NE 0.54 Lots of melting. Grass accumulation peaked at 1-1.5 inches, and down to 0.5 this morning.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-BO-8Lafayette 0.4 WSW 0.54 A period of mid morning rain dropped .13". Then afternoon rain changed to sleet, then to snow by early evening. 18" liquid +0.7"/.18" at 22L. Additional snow during night, still falling at obs time. 40F/48F/33F   View 
5/11/2021 CO-BO-57Nederland 5.8 E 0.47 26º; calm; overcast, with the fog rolling in.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-BO-67Boulder 4.7 E 0.58 currently scattered spots of snow on the grass but in shady areas about a half inch, light drizzle and 33 (but in the past hour had a short period of snow). Low of 32. At 930pm measured 0.6" of very wet snow (none on any pavement) with 0.17" melted (all snow since about 1800, generally S- to S, occasional monster size flakes but not a lot of them). Temp at 930 was 32. Another 0.2"/0.12" overnight, most before midnight.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-BO-143Longmont 2.1 N 0.70 Max snow depth on board 0.7" at 9pm, decreased overnight.   View 
5/11/2021 CO-BO-146Lyons 0.3 NNE 0.65 During some of the day and overnight there were periods of rain snow mix.   View 
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