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Searched: Stations in Colorado. Report date on 2/25/2020.
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DateStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.Comments 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-333Colorado Springs 5.0 ENE 0.01 Snow squall came through around 10:30-11:00 yesterday afternoon. No accumulation on ground.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-TL-28Woodland Park 1.1 NNW T Very windy   View 
2/25/2020 CO-JF-72Broomfield 2.3 SSW 0.00 50% of ground is bare, 50% is covered with 2-4" of total snow/ice.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-343Peyton 6.8 WSW 0.03 High for the 24 hours was 41 and the low was 15. A brief but very severe snow squall hit at about 10:00 AM. The depth meansurement is somewhat suspect as it was accompanied by 30 MPH winds.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-LR-40Loveland 1.5 N 0.02 Mild day yesterday with a quick flying snow squall passing through mid morning, then mostly clear skies after. Partly cloudy and chilly evening. Partly cloudy and cold this morning. High yesterday 43°, low 23°. Currently partly cloudy and 23°.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-YU-68Wray 4.2 NNE 0.01 Windy, cool. Light snow overnight intensifying this am. Strong NW wind.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-PW-34Lamar 2.9 S 0.05 Mostly rain but some snow in afternoon. Total precip 0.05”   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-359Colorado Springs 7.2 ENE 0.02 23 degrees, windy and partly cloudy. Yesterday a snow squall blew through about 11 a.m. lasted about 20 minutes. Snow quickly melted with no accumulation   View 
2/25/2020 CO-LR-1186Fort Collins 1.6 SE T There was probably more than a trace; a squall line came through yesterday morning, just after the morning measurement and deposited almost an inch of snow. However, by this morning the strong overnight winds had dried out the gauge.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EG-51Carbondale 5.9 ENE T Squall/high winds and whiteout conditions after 7:00 am.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-AD-100Thornton 2.1 N T Thi 41 @ 08:00. 08:43 graupel, round, white, largest 3 mm, most smaller ones were clear, sourced from a passing cloud; T=40, DP 26, ends 08:57, followed by clouds breaking a bit. Winds under 10 until 10:35, then gusting to 29 mph WNW @ 09:40. .....12:54, gust 33, NW. Gusts continue 20-30 mph range, while winds continue in high teens to mid 20 mph range until 17:15, then starts to diminish. Overnight gust 24 mph NW @ 03:44. ....... @ Obs: 24, winds to 8 mph NNE, overcast.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-AD-153Westminster 1.6 NE 0.00 Snow squall yesterday morning before winds kicked in. No measurable precip.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-AM-10Great Sand Dunes 7.0 SSW 0.00 Overcast. Cold 7F.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-AR-245Denver 5.1 SSE 0.00 VERY windy; snow expected later today.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-AR-358Centennial 6.9 E 0.00 cold with very low wind chill   View 
2/25/2020 CO-BO-30Boulder 1.9 SE T SW-- 0755 to 0800 MST 24 Feb 2020. Trace precip with just a few flakes in the air. No accumulation.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-BO-41Boulder 6.8 SE T squall of graupel ca. 0820 hrs.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-BO-57Nederland 5.8 E T 12º; NW to 7mph; overcast. The wind blew any accumulation away, and my gauge captured almost nothing.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-BO-143Longmont 2.1 N T Brief snow shower just after 7am yesterday.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-BO-146Lyons 0.3 NNE T A hefty squall blew in around 7:45am dropping some snow quickly.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-BO-165Boulder 1.8 ESE 0.00 42º / 25º   View 
2/25/2020 CO-BO-202Ward 4.6 NE 0.08 This was measured by 6pm last evening, only flurries afterwards. Snowed lightly all day day (spillover), with dropping temperatures, down to 11F by 6pm. Snowdepth from last evening.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-BO-220Boulder 4.7 ENE 0.00 Some wind, but no precipitation noted   View 
2/25/2020 CO-BO-290Lafayette 2.3 NW T Temperature range: 28-42 Light snow shower at 8:20 am lasting less than an hour.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-BO-306Niwot 0.9 NE 0.00 Cold, windy, cloudy -Odalyss   View 
2/25/2020 CO-BO-380Boulder 2.0 W T A brief snow shower in the morning and all the new snow melted. Total snow caries from 0-4 inches.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-BO-496Boulder 1.5 NNW 0.00 Overcast and 20 degrees   View 
2/25/2020 CO-CF-6Buena Vista 1.5 WNW 0.02 Heavy snow squall for about an hour.not predicted.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-CF-65Buena Vista 2.0 ESE 0.01 Brief periods of high winds and heavy snow yesterday.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-CR-12Ordway 1.3 E T Winds reached N37mph by 12:30 p.m. Wind started out of the west, turned north. Snow flurries at noon. Didn't last long and no accumulation.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-DL-43Hotchkiss 5.4 NE 0.03 Snow yesterday am. Little accumulation, melted quickly   View 
2/25/2020 CO-DL-49Hotchkiss 4.9 W T Snow fell pretty hard for half an hour or so yesterday morning around 8:30 a.m. but barely started to stick before it let up.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-DG-176Highlands Ranch 0.6 SSE 0.00 Overcast and breezy. Very windy yesterday and snow continues to retreat.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EG-6Basalt 5.8 E 0.05 10º   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EG-8Wolcott 2.3 N 0.04 High 30°F, low 6°°F, 7am 7°F.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EG-21Vail 0.9 WNW 0.27 Snow fell heavily for about 2.5 hours yesterday morning accompanied by strong gusts of wind creating whiteout conditions! The snow squalls were frequent and dangerous with zero visibility. The temperature dropped to the teens and stayed low all day with our high in the low 20's. There was some additional snow last night. This morning we have low clouds, light snow showers, and very cold temperatures about 11 degrees.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EL-90Simla 5.3 SSE 0.00 Very light dusting of snow   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-17Monument 2.1 ENE 0.00 Yesterday was cold but clear. Clouds moving in this morning and the wind is beginning to blow.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-58Ivywild 0.6 E 0.00 A few clouds, breezy, and 23 degrees.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-175Manitou Springs 1.2 ESE T An unusual snow squall blasted through mid-morning with wind and intense snow. It immediately tapered off and ended in about 15 minutes, leaving only a dusting on the ground. Old snow remains with under 50% coverage up to an inch deep. Sunrise on Hogback Day. Patrice and I have our own annual holiday called Hogback Day. The view from our backyard opens to the east over Red Rock Canyon. A craggy, hogback ridge runs north/south along the far side of the canyon. In the winter, the sun rises from behind the ridge. We watch its progress as it moves south to its winter solstice, stand-still point. Then it moves back north, retracing its path. On February 25, Hogback Day, the sun rises at the north end of the hogback where it meets the far horizon. From then on, the sun rises from the horizon. We mark this event as the first sign of the coming spring. Days are getting longer, birds begin singing and winter begins to relax its grip. Happy Hogback Day!   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-194Colorado Springs 1.1 NE T Temp - 22°F Solar - 39272 kWh 10 - 11481 kWh 11 - 13707 kWh   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-210Colorado Springs 3.0 S 0.00 Brief flurries at 10:35AM. No accumulation.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-309Colorado Springs 2.7 NE T !5 minute snow squall about 7:15 with no measurable amount   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-354Calhan 5.6 S T Light dusting of snow from the squall yesterday. Unable to get good reading from ground due to high winds blowing snow away as tried to collect in gauge. I'll point out system error as it is possible to have less than 0.25" of snow on ground and should be reported as 0.0 per "nearest half inch" statement. There was a trace of moisture on ground; but no where close to 0.5 (actually 0.1)   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-371Peyton 8.5 WSW T Was not home yesterday to observe snow squalls that developed later in the morning. Only a trace of snow in rain gauge and on grass.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-376Black Forest 3.0 NE 0.00 13.3F, 29.89, 28% RH, overcast c lt. snow starting at 0815. 7.4 mph @ 356, gusting to 32 mph @ 350 @ 0924. Blowing snow.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-395Colorado Springs 10.1 NNE T currently have flurries   View 
2/25/2020 CO-EP-396Black Forest 3.8 W 0.03 Snow squall 1015-1055 am, bowing snow, light snow just before 7am   View 
2/25/2020 CO-GF-1Glenwood Springs .64 S T Snow and corn snow fell for a short time, with strong gusts of wind, shortly after 7am on Monday, snow melted during the day.   View 
2/25/2020 CO-GF-33Glenwood Springs 5.3 SSE 0.00 high 34º low 10º presently 10º partly cloudy Bar. 30.23 R   View