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Searched: Stations in Colorado. Report date on 1/19/2019.
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DateStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.Comments 
1/19/2019 CO-PW-34Lamar 2.9 S 0.16 Turns to snow much quicker at my location due to higher elev. snow on board 1”. Readimg from board due to wind. Nice moisture.   View 
1/19/2019 CO-BO-99Hygiene .79 N 0.11 Clear, Unlimited, 22°, 77%RH, 30.19" risingk W 2 mph. 24HR HI 46°, LO 22°, Peak wind NNE 24 mph @ 13:30 hrs.   View 
1/19/2019 CO-EL-62Punkin Center 7.2 NNW T We did not get anything!!   View 
1/19/2019 CO-BO-146Lyons 0.3 NNE 0.08 Some wet snow beginning late morning, ending by noon.   View 
1/19/2019 CO-DN-175Denver 0.4 E 0.25 Started as rain mixed with snow. Most of snow melted as it fell. 1" on ground at end of day. Very much like a spring storm. 3" is estimated   View 
1/19/2019 CO-JF-179Lakewood 2.2 ESE 0.33 fast - 3 hour storm - large wet sloppy flakes lots of moisture - fast melting   View