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CoCoRaHS T-Shirts and other products . . . where can I purchase them?

Recently one of our observers wrote us and asked: "I really like your CoCoRaHS t-shirts. Where can I purchase one?"

Great question. Perhaps you have asked yourself this same question as well. The good news is that you can obtain our shirts from our good friends at WeatherYourWay is the "Official Distributor" of all of our CoCoRaHS products.

WeatherYourWay stocks many CoCoRaHS apparel items, including t-shirts, polo shirts, caps and sweatshirts. A purchase of any of these classic items always comes with a complimentary CoCoRaHS decal and a donation to CoCoRaHS. CoCoRaHS Precipitation Series shirts (t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts) are now available for a limited time while supplies last. As a special for the remainder of the month of September, even the purchase of a Precipitation Series shirt will get you a decal and bring a $5 donation to CoCoRaHS. There is a no better time to complete your series!! CoCoRaHS apparel items are a great way to show your participation in the network. is also stocked with snowrulers, snowswatters, hail pads, rain gauges and gauge parts, as well as other items. To find out more visit: or click here: “CoCoRaHS & Weatheryourway”.