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The PRISM-CoCoRaHS Climate Portal!

The PRISM-CoCoRaHS Climate Portal. What is that you might ask? The PRISM portal is a CoCoRaHS data analysis tool developed in collaboration with the PRISM Climate Group at Oregon State University. This is an exclusive feature available only to CoCoRaHS participants. It helps connect our daily precipitation measurements (weather) to seasonal patterns, long term averages and year to year precipitation variations (climate). This portal provides access to estimates of "normal" precipitation for any location in the contiguous United States. PRISM also provides estimates of total precipitation for each month and year since 1895. View the "PRISM Portal Reference page"

You can access the portal by going to the CoCoRaHS home page and clicking on "My Account" at the top of the page. From there you have two choices. One is to select the PRISM Portal section and click on on the “blue” words PRISM PORTAL to get access to the Continental United States or under the My Station heading click on the “blue” words PRISM DATA to get access to your specific station’s PRISM estimates.

Once there you'll be able to find the estimated precipitation for any location in the continental United States or create a historical time series for monthly and annual precipitation.

We recommend watching the PRISM Portal Guide YouTube instructional video on how to use the portal by clicking here: "PRISM PORTAL VIDEO"

Please enjoy and use this great feature to explore the climate of the U.S.