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Welcome to CoCoRaHS!

We are seeking Ohio residents to participate in a weather spotter network called
CoCoRaHS, the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network. The precipitation data collected by CoCoRaHS volunteers helps the National Weather Service verify and improve its forecasts, and university researchers can use the data to advance the science of Meteorology.

Volunteers are required to complete a short training course to learn how to make accurate precipitation measurements.

Upcoming CoCoRaHS Training Classes in Ohio:

online training program available through the CoCoRaHS Web site.

In order to measure rainfall, a rain gauge is required, and volunteers need to purchase one if they do not have one. Links to where CoCoRaHS rain gauges can be purchased are found on the CoCoRaHS website.  Volunteers make daily precipitation measurements, and enter precipitation data through the
CoCoRaHS web site.

A table containing data collected by
CoCoRaHS volunteers is posted daily on National Weather Service web sites. For more information on becoming volunteer, visit the CoCoRaHS web site, or contact your state or regional coordinator.






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List of Ohio Coordinators


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