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Hail Report  
Hail Report Information
Station Number: OR-LN-20
Station Name: Lyons 2.1 S
Date: 12/11/2016 3:25 PM
Submitted 12/11/2016 8:10 PM
Taken at registered location: True
Notes: Hail started at above time with approximately 1/4" size stones spread-out by a foot or more. I did not measure precisely, but I am an excellent judge of size, both mm, cm, m, inches, and feet, etc. Hail began to fall only for a few seconds then some rain fell, again hail began to fall and continued to fall until the grass was turning white, after about 5 minutes rain returned. Then more hail. Some individual stones were sticking to one another in groups of four making the group 4 stones about 3/8" large. When the temperature dropped to 34°f it began to snow shortly there after. The storm was preceded by thunder towards the northwest of McCully Mountain. Most likely over Silver Falls State Park, the next ridge to the north of us. The thunder and our hail storm were connected by the same line of clouds that the thunder was heard from the previous hour. The sky grew very dark prior to the hail falling. This was the 2nd hail storm of the day.
Hailstone Information
Largest Size: 5/8"
Average Size: 1/4" Pea Size
Smallest Size: 1/4" Pea Size
Stone Consistency:
Hail Storm Information
Duration Minutes: 5
Duration Accuracy:
Timing: Intermittent
More Rain than Hail: False
Hail Started: Before rain
Largest Hail Started: Before smaller hail
Damage: no damage
Hail pad information
Angle of Impact:
Number of Stones On Pad:
Distance Between Stones On Pad: 1
Depth Of Stones on Ground:
Has Samples: False