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Evapotranspiration Report  
Station Number: MO-CP-7
Station Name: Boonville 0.5 ESE
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Date: Jul 31, 2020 5:05 AM
Gauge Reading: 3.50"
Observation Date: 8/1/2020 5:07 AM
Submitted: 8/01/2020 6:23 AM
Gauge Reading:
Evaporation Amount:
Rain continued from observation time yesterday morning until around mid-morning. Unbelievably cool all day. Wind was calm before sunrise, light to gentle gusting to moderate breeze after that, then calm again in evening. Completely and sometimes mostly cloudy all day. Yesterday's high/low were 76.8/65.4°F and the current temperature is 64.4°F. Heavy dew on the grass this morning.