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Daily Precipitation Report  
Station Number: NJ-MD-62
Station Name: Old Bridge Twp 5.1 NE
Observation Date 7/12/2018 7:00 AM
Submitted 7/12/2018 8:23 AM
Total Precip Amount
0.00 in.
Temp:73°F; Pres:30.17R; RH:78%; Sky:PC-40% M1, M3 Mnly E and S; Wind:ENE 2 Mph; Lt Dew; Lt to Mod Fog on Raritan Bay, Vis >3 Mi; Ovnght/24hr Low Temp was 69°F. Yesterday, Skies were Clear early, then Mostly Cloudy from late morning to night; Winds were Calm to Light and Temps were Slightly Above Average. At 11:15am: Sky:MC-50% L5; Temp:85°F; Pres:29.94R; RH:55%; Wind:ENE 5 Mph; Lt to Mod Hz on the Bay, Vis >3 Mi. At 2pm: Sky:MC-95% L5; Temp:88°F; Pres:29.94S; RH:53%; Wind:E 1-3 Kt; Lt to Mod Hz on the Bay, Vis >3 Mi. At 5pm: Sky:MC-95% L5; Temp:87°F; Pres:29.96R; RH:53%; Wind:Calm; Lt to Mod Hz on the Bay, Vis >3 Mi. At 8:40pm: Sky:MC-95% M7w/As; Temp:78°F; Pres:30.01R; RH:66%; Wind:Calm; Mod Fog on the Bay, Vis 3 Mi. At 12:30am: Sky:Ovc-100% M1, M2As; Temp:75°F; Pres:30.10R; RH:73%; Wind:Calm; No Dew; Clr on the Bay, Vis >3 Mi. Yesterday's high temp was 90°F.
Taken at registered location Yes
Snow Information
New Snow Depth
0.0 in.
New Snow Water Equivalent NA
Total Snow Depth NA
Total Snow Water Equivalent NA
Duration Information
Precipitation Began --
Precipitation Ended --
Heavy Precip Began --
Heavy Precip Lasted --
Duration Time Accuracy --
Additional Information
Additional Data Recorded No
Flooding --