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Daily Precipitation Report  
Station Number: MD-WH-19
Station Name: Hagerstown 4.1 NNW
Observation Date 5/29/2024 7:00 AM
Submitted 5/29/2024 7:05 AM
Gauge Catch
0.01 in.
Clear and sunny,temp at 7:00 ami is 56
Snow Information
24-hr Snowfall NA
24-hr Snowfall SWE
(Snow Water Equivalent)
24-hr Snowfall SLR
(Snow to Liquid Ratio)
Snowpack Depth NA
Snowpack SWE
(Snow Water Equivalent)
Snowpack Density NA
Duration Information
Precipitation Began 7:20 PM
Precipitation Ended 7:35 PM
Heavy Precip Began --
Heavy Precip Lasted --
Duration Time Accuracy Very Accurate
Additional Information
Flooding --
Additional Data Recorded No