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Daily Precipitation Report  
Station Number: ME-FR-22
Station Name: Farmington 4.8 NNW
Observation Date 11/30/2022 9:00 AM
Submitted 11/30/2022 9:51 AM
Gauge Catch
0.09 in.
Both weather centers report in at 31 degrees Fahrenheit and holding steady. We are overcast, comprised of Cumulus with fog in lower elevations of the Sandy River valley. Direction of travel remains unclear. Snowfall descent is 180 degrees vertical. In addition, our air is calm, visibility stretches 2+miles in specific locations, our RH hangs at 99% and holding steady, and our dew point is 30.75 degrees Fahrenheit and holding steady. HG: 30.03 / MB: 1016.9284905779999 and holding steady.
Snow Information
24-hr Snowfall 1.0 in.
24-hr Snowfall SWE
(Snow Water Equivalent)
0.09 in.
24-hr Snowfall SLR
(Snow to Liquid Ratio)
11.1 : 1
Snowpack Depth 2.0 in.
Snowpack SWE
(Snow Water Equivalent)
0.41 in.
Snowpack Density 20 %
Duration Information
Precipitation Began --
Precipitation Ended --
Heavy Precip Began --
Heavy Precip Lasted --
Duration Time Accuracy --
Additional Information
Flooding --
Additional Data Recorded No