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Daily Precipitation Report  
Station Number: WA-CH-11
Station Name: Wenatchee 0.6 N
Observation Date 12/7/2017 7:25 AM
Submitted 12/07/2017 11:32 AM
Total Precip Amount
Current conditions for 12/07-above the foggy overcast, the skies are mostly cloudy plus precipitation in the form of light snow-quite possibly fog snow-no accumulation, the haze is moderate to bad and will likely remain this way for the next several days until air movement is generated. What little air movement there is comes from the NW at 2 mph, wind gust 0 mph, humidity 94%, dew point 30°, current freezing level is near 12,000' {yesterday, it was near 10,000'}, observation time temperature was 30° [yesterday's high was 39°], and the barometric pressure 30.85 and rising.
Taken at registered location Yes
Snow Information
New Snow Depth
New Snow Water Equivalent NA
Total Snow Depth NA
Total Snow Water Equivalent NA
Duration Information
Precipitation Began --
Precipitation Ended --
Heavy Precip Began --
Heavy Precip Lasted --
Duration Time Accuracy --
Additional Information
Additional Data Recorded No
Flooding --