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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: MA-PL-47
Station Name: Plymouth 1.1 NNW
Report Date: 8/1/2020
Submitted: 8/01/2020 5:36 AM
Scale Bar: Moderately Dry
Kept watching weather service radar while hoping for rain. All precipitation fizzled out before it reached this location. Lawn, garden, flower beds need daily soaking--combination of abundant sun and HEAT. (Crabgrass & other weeds are doing very well.) Can't stop the zucchini & summer squash. Lots of green tomatoes. Rose of sharon bushes are full of blossoms. Stargazer lilies peaked this week; daylilies are done for the year.
Must refill birdbath 2x/day, a result of evaporation & splashing birds.
Fans have been spinning nonstop until Friday, when temperatures finally moderated and it was pleasant to sleep with windows open. No cooking: either take-out or salads (too hot for the stove).
Categories: General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife