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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: NC-RW-17
Station Name: Salisbury 3.4 NW
Report Date: 6/30/2020
Submitted: 6/30/2020 7:56 AM
Scale Bar: Mildly Wet
Well here we go again. We started off June 2020 ,just as we did 4 out of 6 months this year, that being much below normal on rainfall. When I reported on the 13th we were very dry but as of this last day of June we have had close to 5 inches of rain. I am  now at 38.75" for 2020 in western Rowan County in the western Piedmont of NC. 22.20" is normal for this period with 3.7" average normal for  each month times 6 equaling 22.20". Subtracting that from our total so far ,with 23 hours to go in June, we are 16.55" above normal for 2020. The 11.75" of rain in May was a record for me. I have kept weather records for Rowan County, N.C. for 51+ years. Jeff Warner : NC-RW-17 Farmers are doing great with record strawberry, blueberry and spring vegetables. The  peaches are looking great so far with no late killer frosts this year. Trees, bushes , fields and yards are looking green and plush.All water bodies are full to mover flowing . The local lakes, creeks  and ponds are a bit muddy for the most part with the heavy rains and downpours we have had for months. Fire calls are way down for 2020 and wildlife is thriving. I have seen more species with more frequency that I can recall in decades. The only negative is the 2 copperheads I have killed in our neighborhood , the most in many years, and this is only the first month and 10 days of snake season here. The fishing is good in here but the muddy waters with debris such as logs, branches, trash and other  materials make boating  more difficult and dangerous , thus, water skiing and swimming also are not safe as well. We have had a few deaths by drownings here in Rowan County alone. Warnings are out for these hazards.
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