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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: MD-HR-23
Station Name: Norrisville 0.6 WSW
Report Date: 3/26/2023
Submitted: 3/26/2023 7:02 AM
Scale Bar: Near Normal
Temps were normal to below normal the last 7 days...Total Precip: 1.12" of Rain.

Surface Soils are wet..

Soil Temps and Soil Moisture rose...

**High Centibar Readings mean drier; 0 = Saturated Soil..120 or above = Severe Drought

**Current Soil Readings @ 7am:
Current Surface Soil Temp: 37F...Grass Temp: 35.4F...

 2 in. Depth: Soil Temp: 44F...Soil Moisture: 07 Centibars..
 6 in. Depth: Soil Temp: 46F...Soil Moisture: 09 Centibars..
24 in. Depth: Soil Temp: 45F...Soil Moisture: 16 Centibars.. 
36 in. Depth: Soil Temp: 44F...Soil Moisture: 31 Centibars..

Birds were active at the feeders...Robins and Goldfinches are everywhere.. pond heater is off..2 Bluebird houses have Bluebirds. Bog Turtles are still hibernating...

Grass has greened up in larger areas...

Farm behind me was discing this week...

Creek level and flow are normal..
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