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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: IA-WR-5
Station Name: Hartford 1.0 E
Report Date: 12/4/2022
Submitted: 12/04/2022 10:56 AM
Scale Bar: Mildly Dry
A windy week with temperatures averaging 2.6 degrees below normal. Of course, the story remains the same, no precip. Creeks, ponds, and rivers remain low. The pond rise with the three inch rain awhile back is nearly gone. Did some branch trimming this past week, sap was running on the walnuts, hardly anything on the oaks. Buck brush wants to grow year round now. Had a red tail hawk sit on a dead ash branch about 20 yards from the house for nearly an hour. His buddy, a fair size bald eagle sat nearby although he was more fidgety, leaving after 15 minutes. Quite a sight.
Categories: General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife