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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: MN-MC-7
Station Name: Silver Lake 1.7 N
Report Date: 12/4/2022
Submitted: 12/04/2022 7:15 AM
Scale Bar: Moderately Dry
The South Fork of the Crow River between Glencoe and Silver Lake is frozen, but continues to be significantly below normal.
Earlier this week (when it was warmer), my husband was digging a hole for a post. He observed that the ground seemed normally moist down to about 15" depth. Then he hit a layer almost a foot thick that was very hard because it was so dry. Below 36" the ground seemed more moist again. (In a normal year at this location, he would probably hit water at 36" depth.)
We have snow on the ground, and we are seeing lots of footprints such as birds, deer, and pheasants. 
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