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7/25/2016   NC-DH-6 NCDurhamTrue Although no rain the past 7 days, there soil moisture levels remain high. Only due to higher than normal temps some v. shallow rooted annuals are showing a little temporary stress in the afternoons. But anything with established roots is fine.  
7/25/2016   NC-WT-46 NCWataugaTrue Plants and Wildlife : $0.00
Tourism and Recreation : $0.00
Water Supply and Quality : $0.00
Less than an inch of rain (0.84) over the past three weeks has left an impact on the streams in the area. The smallest stream beds are now completely dry while larger streams have damp stream beds and the largest ones have slowed to a bare trickle. The ponds are still full, however there is almost no water flowing out of them. The trees and vegetation do not appear to show any impacts from the lack of rain. The trees are all leafed out and there is no sign of any leaves turning yellow or dropping off. The wildflowers are in full bloom and the wild blackberries are ripe for the picking. Grass seems to be growing well. The soil is firm but does not appear to be dried out. Wildlife appears to be doing well with several large deer spotted in the woods. The frogs in the ponds are filling the night air with their singing. There were quite a few tourists around over the weekend but they have thinned out considerably so it is now much more peaceful. A long walk on local roads this morning did not encounter any motorized traffic or any other walkers.  
7/25/2016   SC-BF-10 SCBeaufortTrue Another very hot week with little rain (0.27"). We are headed for more high heat this week with temps at or over 100, perhaps some precipitation relief later in the week. Plants and grass are really stressed. Water coming into the house is very warm - no cold tap water! It's so important to stay cool as heat stroke is quite a danger. Mornings are very oppressive with the high humidity. Lagoons are showing signs of stress - low water levels and algae. Pool maintenance is difficult. We could use some relief!