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6/27/2016   GA-MI-5 GAMcIntoshTrue This report is for the week of 20-26 June 2016. This is going to be another easy report. We had no recorded rainfall for the week. It was hot and humid for most of the week. After having 2+ inches the week before, it was good to dry out. I am taking part in CoCoRaHS soil moisture measuring program. What surprised me was when I did the Master Gardener Field Test to estimate Soil Type on Friday was how moist the soil was both at the surface and 7 inches below. The sandy loam soil actually formed a ball without adding any water. The best thing that happened this week was the male Painted Bunting was sitting on the rain gauge singing his heart out two mornings running.  
6/27/2016   NC-DH-6 NCDurhamTrue Soil moisture good condition Conditions were getting to be abnormally dry in the upper layer of the soil, but then received 1.71" over two nights in mid-week. That though is here. Rain was very spotty. We were lucky.  
6/27/2016   SC-OC-4 SCOconeeTrue Agriculture : $0.00
Plants and Wildlife : $0.00
Water Supply and Quality : $0.00
High temperatures and dry conditions are stalling the growing season here. Rainfall for the last 30 days is 1.46", just one quarter normal for this time of year.  
6/27/2016   CAN-NS-105 CANNova ScotiaTrue Watched a couple ponds go dry. The ground is very dry. Forest fire risk is high. In need of rain.  
6/27/2016   CAN-NS-107 CANNova ScotiaTrue Things are drying out. The normal amount of rain for this time of the year is 96 mm and we had only received 11.4 mm this month. The ground crackles under your feet and the grass is dieing. (Small drought)  
6/27/2016   CAN-ON-59 CANOntarioFalse Lawn turning brown. 3 inches rain since May the first. Corn Fields have started to show spike in the hot part of the day. Soybeans show yellow in fields with compaction paths showing.  
6/21/2016  6/27/2016  NJ-SM-63 NJSomersetFalse Plants and Wildlife : $100.00
Very dry and hot - grass is brown and dry, shrubs and flowers are wilting.