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7/29/2015   SC-BF-10 SCBeaufortTrue Since last report 2 weeks ago, we have received another 1.66" of rain. This puts us in a surplus for July by approximately a third of an inch and we still have 2 days to go in July. Lagoons are high, lawns are lush, and gardens need only a little watering during this hot weather when we go for a few days without rain. All in all, we are in good shape for this summer and year so far!  
7/29/2015   SC-OR-26 SCOrangeburgTrue Agriculture : $0.00
Plants and Wildlife : $0.00
The lawn has received enough precipitation to keep it green and growing. Hayfield is growing well. Peanuts are growing. Farmers are adding fertilizer. Flock of geese have been out foraging for insects in the hayfield last 2 days.  
7/29/2015   TX-FB-44 TXFort BendTrue Brown spots forming in front and back yard. Grass growing at a very slow rate. I have not mowed back yard in 2-1/2 weeks. Normal time between mowing is 5-6 days. Daily watering of grass in order to preserve lawn.