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8/29/2016   GA-MI-5 GAMcIntoshTrue This report is for the week of 22 -28 August 2016. It was another hot dry week. We had a total of 0.25 inches of rain. We are either in the D0 or D1 Abnormally Dry category on the Drought Map. It is hard to tell where the yellow and butterscotch colors begin or end. I was checking the olives the other evening and they were slightly shriveled from being so dry. Fall is coming because the overnight temperatures are a couple of degrees cooler at night.  
8/29/2016   NC-CN-31 NCCravenTrue Agriculture : $0.00
Energy : $0.00
Fire : $0.00
Plants and Wildlife : $0.00
Society and Public Health : $0.00
Tourism and Recreation : $0.00
Water Supply and Quality : $0.00
weekly report: Overall - remains higher than normal wet - humidity continues Temperatures swing for a couple days very hot, to moderate AGRICULTURE: corn is doing well - starting to dry / soy and cotton are done blooming BUSINESS: NA // ENERGY: usage remains high due to temperatures and humidity high - lots of air conditioner usage FIRE: Low PLANTS: Beginning to lose leaves: oak, tulip poplar, ornamental fruits ( such as plum - not pear ) MAGNOLIAS blooming. Crepe Myrtles retain some blooms. RAGWEED blooming. WILDLIFE: snakes - we are seeing more snakes moving in the middle of the day ( water moccosins, timber rattlers ) BIRDS: Hummingbirds are devouring food at feeders -feel as if they are "bulking up" to prep for migration / barn swallows gone / RELIEF: NA // SOCIETY and PUBLIC HEALTH: fire ants and mosquitos continue to be issues TOURISM and RECREATION: no impact from weather noted Water Supply and Quality: normal  
8/29/2016   NC-DH-6 NCDurhamTrue Although still above normal for the month, with 5.32", most of that was in the first week of August and with the almost consistent above normal temps., we are now dry. Established woody plants are still under no stress, nor are herbaceous perennials that are in the perfect spot. But plants not in the perfect spot for their water needs, and newly established perennials are needing supplemental watering. And productive annuals vegetables have been requiring water for a couple weeks now.  
8/29/2016   NC-WK-185 NCWakeTrue Plants and Wildlife : $0.00
Society and Public Health : $0.00
Observed a dead racoon in a four lane road at 4:30 AM. Later in the day, observed represetnatives from the following ORDERS: one Squamata about as long as an ink pen climbing up a tree limb at eye level, several Soricomorpha burrows, many bright yellow adult Lepidoptera, several Odonata, and many Arachnida webs above water, on ground, and suspended in trees.  
8/29/2016   SC-BF-10 SCBeaufortTrue Since the last report 3 weeks ago, our area received 1.60" of rain, most of which fell in one event on August 12. In the past 2 wks., there has been only 0.13" of rain. It has been very hot. Lagoon levels are low, lawns and gardens are suffering, birds are looking for water, and ants are a problem - yes, even they are looking for water! Staying cool and hydrated is an issue. Hopefully, we will get some relief later this week from the tropical depression going into the Gulf of Mexico.