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3/30/2015   NC-WK-185 NCWakeTrue Energy : $0.00
Plants and Wildlife : $0.00
Society and Public Health : $0.00
Tourism and Recreation : $0.00
Yesterday I saw a vehicular motion activated speed limit sign with a high visibility intermittent lighting display equipped and illuminated by solar energy to mark a school zone on a busy parkway. I saw some large roosts of Turdus migratorius feeding on the ground at certain times of day. I saw several trees of different heights that from a distance appear to be of the genus "Quercus". These trees still have quite a few brown leaves on branches that have not yet fallen off the trees. A recreational gathering was held at the park yesterday morning. The park has electricity and running water to accommodate organized recreational gatherings. While walking in most directions, pet owners can readily find pet waste receptacles on the roadside/sidewalk. These facilities are managed by different public and private groups (neighborhoods, towns, cities, associations, apartments).