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9/2/2014   SC-JS-9 SCJasperTrue Agriculture : $0.00
Water Supply and Quality : $0.00
The minimal precipitation (.02")yesterday marked the end of 8 days with no rain. This was the longest dry spell since May. Lawns were beginning to show that the irrigation settings needed to be enhanced and landscapers were concerned about the lack of precipitation and its impact on the lawns in view of the high air temperatures (>90 degrees daily). There is a slight chance of rain today and tonight, but then nothing expected until the coming weekend with the lowest daytime highs expected at 89 degrees all week.  
8/26/2014  9/2/2014  NC-OR-34 NCOrangeTrue My once green grass is turning brown from lack of rain and the intense heat. In addition, cutting the grass caused a lot of dust in the air. All summer I have had sweet potato vines growing in a planter at the end of the driveway that were never eaten by deer;however, since the lack of rain, the deer have almost eaten the entire plant. I have not had to filled the bird feeder as much this week. The trees are starting to turn colors which I think is more from the lack of rain then the time of year.