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7/3/2015   NC-NS-20 NCNashTrue Plants and Wildlife : $0.00
Water Supply and Quality : $0.00
The creek is flowing but low from little rain last month. The apple trees are full with apples. The Crape myrtles are at their peak of flowering, brightening the yard with pink and purple flowers. Birds chirping in the back yard.  
7/3/2015   NC-WK-6 NCWakeTrue Plants and Wildlife : $0.00
Water Supply and Quality : $0.00
Recent thunderstorms appear to have made up much of the rain deficit and as a result, we are no longer having to water the lawn and gardens. The pond is full again but the water is tinted light brown from suspended sediment that washed in during the hard rains. We had an algae bloom on Monday with the surface of the pond turning a bright lime green color. The bloom lasted only one day as another storm overnight seems to have changed the water chemistry enough to kill off the algae. The stream is again flowing with the vigor it showed earlier in the spring. We see the muskrat in the pond about every day. We know deer (or rabbits) are in the yard as the hostas are all eaten. The birch trees do not appear to be loosing leaves.  
7/3/2015   NC-WT-46 NCWataugaTrue Plants and Wildlife : $0.00
Water Supply and Quality : $0.00
The wild rhododendrons are at their peak of flowering, brightening the woods with white and pink flowers. The ground is soft enough to show the fresh deer tracks left on the trails. Streams are flowing clear but with a reduced flow from what we had a month ago. There is sufficient moisture in the soils that the trees and shrubs all appear healthy. The frogs are singing a chorus at night.