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8/29/2014   NC-WK-6 NCWakeTrue Plants and Wildlife : $0.00
Water Supply and Quality : $0.00
Although we have had only .5 inch of rain in the past week and that last weekend, we still are seeing no evidence of any water shortage on the plants and on the local streams. We still have mushrooms growing in odd places throughout the yard, especially on the mulch under the trees. The soil appears moist, grass is growing well and the trees all remain green with fully developed leaves.  
8/29/2014   SC-PC-15 SCPickensTrue Agriculture : $0.00
Very dry. Lawns are turning brown and grass "crinkles" under foot. Area streams and creeks well below full stage. With recent low humidity leaves and debris under brush is very dry. Lawns and gardens are having to be watered.  
8/29/2014   SC-SM-1 SCSumterFalse Agriculture : $50.00
Plants and Wildlife : $50.00
Ground conditions are very dry. Grasses are dying once cut by lawn equipment and this is causing excessive dust and dirt and clippings to be scattered about once lifted by either the wind or lawn equipment. Red Leaf Maple leaves are prematurely falling and Dogwood leaves are starting to prematurely turn from green to red. A false autumn.