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9/18/2014   NC-CM-42 NCCumberlandTrue After a 5+ inch week of rain, everything is looking green and lush. The yard last Saturday was extremely flooded with roughly 60% of the yard covered in at least 1/2-3/4 inch of rain. Made for difficult charcoal grilling.  
9/18/2014   SC-JS-9 SCJasperTrue Plants and Wildlife : $0.00
Water Supply and Quality : $0.00
Since my last report on Sept. 2 (following the longest spell of no rain of 8 days all summer), I have recorded 6.11 inches of rain. Lack of rain is now not the problem, but too much judging by what I am seeing and hearing. Local landscapers have noted increased fungal growth in lawns and fungus is apparent in garden beds, provided ample moisture to grow on the mulch. But better a little too much than not enough. For those with rain sensors, irrigation systems have not been running as much. The community waters no matter what, but that is pulled from the lagoons and ultimately most returns to them. Others without sensors may be seen sprinkling in the rain, looking quite ridiculous. One can debate the nature of the lawns and gardens in our community, but there is no debate about wasteful use of the resources in cases like this.  
1/1/2014  9/18/2014  SC-GV-7 SCGreenvilleTrue Agriculture : $0.00
Plants and Wildlife : $0.00
Abundant moisture this Spring and Summer has resulted in continued lush growth of plants and trees in the woods of Northern Greenville County. We have recorded 44.41 inches of precipitation this year with only four periods of seven days without precipitation. We harvested 74 pounds of Tulip Poplar Honey from one strong hive in June and 124 pounds of Sourwood Honey from two hives of honeybees in August. After a short dearth, the honeybees are now working a full bloom of fall wildflowers.