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1/24/2017  AL-JC-3 ALJackson Severely Wet General Awareness
We had minor flooding yesterday. Rain has moved out leaving the ground wet like a sponge.  
1/24/2017  AL-LD-9 ALLauderdale Moderately Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Water Supply And Quality
drought is gone, forest soil wet down to 12 inches depth, small streams at full flow, all isolated ponds bank full, spring flows normal, due to recent temps in 70's some spring plants/flowers are up about three weeks early.  
1/24/2017  AZ-MR-71 AZMaricopa Mildly Wet Little rain here considering what fell in areas round me. Couple days ago reported over 1 inch - second time, over an inch for me, in the years I've been reporting.  
1/24/2017  AZ-MR-443 AZMaricopa Mildly Wet Water Supply And Quality
Wet roads and some streams flooding.  
1/24/2017  AZ-PN-69 AZPinal Severely Wet General Awareness
Water flowing across El Camino Viejo in 3 places but not impassable. All local draws running, Queen Creek flowing fast, rain fell most of the evening (1.1") but slowly enough to prevent flooding and damage here in Queen Valley  
1/24/2017  AZ-YV-135 AZYavapai Moderately Wet Agriculture
The Pineapple Express has brought us rain everyday for 5 days. While we always need rain, it is getting too wet. Standing water in the fields, lawns and in the potholes in the roads. Soils are pretty saturated. Grasses are growing well, as are the weeds.  
1/24/2017  AR-CN-2 ARCalhoun Moderately Wet General Awareness
Lots of rain over the weekend. Storms came through.  
1/24/2017  CA-MR-29 CAMarin Severely Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Local 4-lane state road (CA 37) closed for several days due to flooding. Spring water oozing from hillsides with standing water in flat areas. Major vernal ponding in area. Soils saturated.  
1/24/2017  CA-MD-17 CAMendocino Moderately Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
The creeks are flowing full, eroding the banks in many places. The ground is saturated, and this clay soil makes mini lakes these days with so much rain. We aren't really impacted, and know we need the rain. We even saw an otter for the first time in over 20 years in our little Cahto Creek!  
1/24/2017  CA-OR-35 CAOrange Moderately Wet General Awareness
Drought improvement likely due to frequent rain in recent weeks.  
1/24/2017  CA-TH-10 CATehama Moderately Wet General Awareness
Not affecting us much, because we have adequate drainage. The local roads have periods of water pooling, but haven't had to go over any that were impassable.  
1/24/2017  CO-GN-62 COGunnison Moderately Wet Agriculture
snow water 160% +- above average; snow pack 125% +-. Ground under snow is not frozen solid.  
1/24/2017  CO-LR-35 COLarimer Near Normal General Awareness
The drier it gets the greater our concern about grass fires, sustainability of our trees and how we can help the local wildlife get through that period.  
1/24/2017  FL-PK-18 FLPolk Mildly Wet General Awareness
0.90" of rain really eased the dry ground situation.  
1/24/2017  GA-BK-6 GABurke Moderately Wet General Awareness
Lots of rain these past few days. The ground has soaked up a lot of the needed rain, but along with the big storm that hit us at the first of the month. It looks like the water table has hit it's level and more causing slow seeping puddles and wet ground.  
1/24/2017  GA-MI-1 GAMcIntosh Moderately Wet General Awareness
3.01" of rain reported over the last five days, with a total of 4.79" this month.  
1/24/2017  GA-MI-6 GAMcIntosh Mildly Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Post accumulation of 3.35" of precip 21st and 22nd. Prior to that we were moderately dry.  
1/24/2017  GA-MN-15 GAMonroe Mildly Dry General Awareness
Heavy rains have eased drought conditions a bit  
1/24/2017  ID-VL-1 IDValley Moderately Wet General Awareness
We have the most snow on the ground in the last 10 years. 35" uses to be average but the last few year has be a lot less. The snow have a fair amount of water in it and the ground underneath is full of water. It is looking like a good water year ahead.  
1/24/2017  IL-SP-3 ILStephenson Moderately Wet Agriculture
We're in the "quiet" mode now, because we are grain farmers. Ground is saturated from the 1 1/2 in. of rain 3 days ago.  
1/24/2017  IN-AL-51 INAllen Moderately Wet General Awareness
Unable to do any yard work  
1/24/2017  IN-DR-7 INDearborn Moderately Wet General Awareness
Creeks are high. Ground is soggy. Our barn and area around it is a muddy mess. The palomino horses look like sorrels!  
1/24/2017  IA-SX-6 IASioux Moderately Wet General Awareness
some puddles rain did not soak in due to the frozen ground..  
1/24/2017  IA-TY-2 IATaylor Near Normal General Awareness
Every thing looks normal. Frost has gone out in most places, gravel roads are a mess.  
1/24/2017  LA-TG-10 LATangipahoa Parish Moderately Wet Yard is very wet. Local rivers are above flood stage by a small amount.  
1/24/2017  MI-BY-1 MIBay Mildly Wet General Awareness
Tourism And Recreation
Water Supply And Quality
There has been little outside activity due to the rains  
1/24/2017  MI-KN-43 MIKent Moderately Wet General Awareness
The only snow on the ground are the dregs of a few piles created when shovelling driveway area. The open areas, and even in the shadow of the trees are completely devoid of snow. Water standing in low lying areas.  
1/24/2017  MI-OC-2 MIOceana Severely Wet Plants And Wildlife
Puddles finally gone but still some frozen soil few inches down making it mushy in some locations. All vegetation dormant except for green moss, wild chives and snowdrop sprouts.  
1/24/2017  MI-WY-81 MIWayne Moderately Wet General Awareness
backyard is too muddy to walk on  
1/24/2017  MN-SL-2 MNSt. Louis Mildly Wet General Awareness
Water Supply And Quality
Local streams are opening up now as we've had two weeks of 32*+ days! Much of our snow depth has gone. Our well is over flowing again.  
1/24/2017  MT-FH-26 MTFlathead Mildly Wet General Awareness
Tourism And Recreation
Water Supply And Quality
Good snow pack with daily additions on an inch or so.  
1/24/2017  NJ-CN-5 NJCamden Severely Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Standing water and very soggy ground  
1/24/2017  NJ-MC-1 NJMercer Moderately Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
tall white birch was uprooted.  
1/24/2017  NJ-PS-22 NJPassaic Mildly Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Water Supply And Quality
Reservoirs are back to near normal 'low' but not drought conditions. Due to heavy rain, sleet last night ground is saturated and pools of water, snow, sleet observed at tree line, in forest and on local roads. My drought report from October, 2016 would end today.  
1/24/2017  NJ-UN-17 NJUnion Severely Wet General Awareness
at this time of the year, soil conditions have little or no effect on me.  
1/24/2017  NJ-WR-34 NJWarren Mildly Wet General Awareness
Severe drought conditions of late summer and fall are slowly alleviating. First heavy rain since late November, recent rainfalls have generally been half inch or less.  
1/24/2017  NM-DA-90 NMDona Ana Mildly Dry General Awareness
we are mildy dry. today we are looking at very heavy clouds to the east & south. we have possible high winds later in the day.  
1/24/2017  NM-GR-51 NMGrant Mildly Wet General Awareness
No affect  
1/24/2017  NM-LN-18 NMLincoln Moderately Dry General Awareness
Very little moisture, high winds, and evaporation is high.  
1/24/2017  NY-ER-60 NYErie NA General Awareness
Moderately wet. 1/10 in. Snow on ground jujuas winter returns to WNY.  
1/24/2017  NY-ER-109 NYErie Mildly Dry General Awareness
W/ o looking at data, perception is " less precip" than "normal", definitely warmer, more rain, less snow, more '0' reports , maybe I will look at data and find I am totally wacked , all of this is hidden by lake stability factor, a big capacitor  
1/24/2017  NY-WN-18 NYWayne Mildly Wet General Awareness
The center of our yard is wet per usual for this time of year. This is the case even though we have had very little snow, the rainfall has made up for it.  
1/24/2017  NC-CS-5 NCCaswell Mildly Wet General Awareness
My lawn, sloped to the lake, is soggy to walk on. Cool weather grass is very green with winter weeds growing. Dogwoods, elms and several other trees are budded up. Daffodils are up 2 inches. The lake level is up appox. 18 inches.  
1/24/2017  NC-ML-1 NCMitchell Moderately Wet Water Supply And Quality
have a micro hydro turbine in the creek and its running full blast, providing all my electric demands and selling back to the grid  
1/24/2017  OK-AD-2 OKAdair Moderately Dry Water Supply And Quality
We have enough rain/snow that our spring supports washing clothes one load a day now instead of having to go to town. That is an improvement.  
1/24/2017  PA-JF-2 PAJefferson Near Normal General Awareness
1/24/2017  PA-JF-3 PAJefferson Moderately Wet General Awareness
No affect  
1/24/2017  SC-AK-46 SCAiken Severely Wet General Awareness
Since the first of the month,we have had so much rain that the ground will not dry up.It caused our leech field to be over run with water. Now trying to replace,but with another four inches of rain it has not helped.I don't need any more rain at my house.  
1/24/2017  SC-AN-13 SCAnderson Moderately Wet General Awareness
We had almost 3" of rain over the weekend, so ground is saturated right now and lake levels are rising!  
1/24/2017  SC-OR-9 SCOrangeburg Moderately Wet General Awareness
Swamp at the Hwy 301 Bridge is full.