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2/25/2017  AZ-SC-10 AZSanta Cruz Near Normal General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Water Supply And Quality
The range grasses are beginning to grow and the range cattle are getting more to eat. Nights are still in the 30's so growth is slow. Mesquite tree buds haven't swollen much, yet. Aliso springs is running a small stream which is normal for a while in the spring.  
2/25/2017  CO-DG-176 CODouglas Mildly Dry General Awareness
Snow should help, but top layer of exposed ground was dust until yesterday and the past week's temperatures have been way above normal.  
2/25/2017  CO-LR-1020 COLarimer Near Normal General Awareness
Water Supply And Quality
Received a little snowfall this past week, nice cover considering the warm-up we were experiencing. Still calling it average, snow pack looks good for March 1.  
2/25/2017  CO-WE-340 COWeld Mildly Dry General Awareness
Even though we have received some precipitation this week, we are still dry.  
2/25/2017  CT-FR-44 CTFairfield Mildly Wet General Awareness
Water Supply And Quality
Total precipitation for this week is 0.00in. Total precipitation for this month is 2.36in. Soil conditions are moist due to melting snow pack. Our creek is flowing normally again.  
2/25/2017  DE-NC-10 DENew Castle Mildly Dry General Awareness
Crawl space dry. Ground getting dusty.  
2/25/2017  FL-FL-23 FLFlagler Near Normal General Awareness
A bit over an inch of rain this week. All of my plants got a nice bath!  
2/25/2017  FL-SW-2 FLSuwannee Mildly Dry Agriculture
We are having to water some of our garden drops.  
2/25/2017  ID-AD-9 IDAda Mildly Wet General Awareness
February 19 - 25, 2017: About 0.4 inches of rain precipitation during the week, heaviest on the 19th and 21st. Nights in the 30's cooling to 20's over the week. Days in the 40's to 50's cooling to 30's by the end of the week. Windy. Sunny then overcast during days. Green leaves opening on some golden current bush. Some maple trees with fuzzy buds.  
2/25/2017  IN-BN-53 INBoone Near Normal General Awareness
"Near normal" where normal is extreme swings in conditions - yesterday record high temperature and thunderstorms, this morning 30 degrees with snow.  
2/25/2017  IA-HY-1 IAHenry Mildly Dry Agriculture
Received some moisture at the end of the week. It soaked in as the rain fell over several hours. With the snow over night we only received around 0.22" of moisture.  
2/25/2017  KS-JO-53 KSJohnson Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Fire warnings are still in place for windy days. Buds are beginning to swell, bulbs have broken ground and green leaves are beginning to show under leaf litter.  
2/25/2017  KY-CM-3 KYCumberland Near Normal Agriculture
Normal moisture. Warm spring conditions. Hayfields greening up.  
2/25/2017  ME-LN-1 MELincoln Moderately Wet General Awareness
Only .03 of precipitation since last report, but ground is covered with wet snow. Above normal temperature(near record highs) has caused snow depth to decrease from about two feet to about 8 inches, with variation due to drifting when snow fell.  
2/25/2017  MI-WS-11 MIWashtenaw Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Until yesterday, storms in the area had been missing us completely and we did miss the heaviest of yesterday's rain. We've only gotten about 2" of snow for the entire month and it has been very warm the past week. Many flowers are budding out and tree buds are swelling. Any cold weather could cause big problems to fruit growers and other farmer in the area if buds freeze.  
2/25/2017  MO-CS-2 MOCass Mildly Dry Again no go0d precip. Most days with 70' or above high temp in Feb. Set two record highs.  
2/25/2017  MO-NW-4 MONewton Moderately Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Signs of very early spring with unseasonably warm February. Continued dry and windy conditions requiring Red Flag fire warnings posted in the area. Shoal Creek is noticeably lower. Soil is dry and hard below the surface. The light shower earlier this week helped the surface but rain is needed. Spring flowers, Crocus and Jonquils, are blooming early and trees are budding out. Grass in the yards is turning green .  
2/25/2017  MO-SG-5 MOSte. Genevieve Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Some rain this week - .4". Pastures firm for traveling. Early flowers and ornamental plants in full bloom. Very early and unusual. Late fall spinach ready to pick.  
2/25/2017  MT-FH-30 MTFlathead Mildly Wet General Awareness
2/18-2/25 Normal precip .22, We received .55 / We only lost 1/2 inch of snowmelt, 15 down to 14.5. / We received 4.3" of snowfall.  
2/25/2017  NE-WH-2 NEWheeler Near Normal Dried out a lot scence my last report. Feedlots and Roads where dry and the creek is down. Just got .53 of moisture in about 7 inches of snow. I would say its near normal for this time of the year.  
2/25/2017  NV-CK-62 NVClark Near Normal 0.61 inches in Feb to date.  
2/25/2017  NH-RC-17 NHRockingham Severely Dry General Awareness
Water Supply And Quality
We are still listed in severe drought. While there are concerns about flooding in some areas of NH, mostly because of ice dams, our rivers are flowing fast. The streams that come down the hill behind us are loud. It's not sinking in, the ground is still frozen to some extent, but we are having an early "mud season" in some places.  
2/25/2017  NM-BR-239 NMBernalillo Near Normal General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Plants and trees are healthy. There was no blowing dust during the Feb. 23 wind due to the normal soil moisture.  
2/25/2017  NM-GR-33 NMGrant Mildly Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
overalol still midly wet since we received over 5 inches water equivalent in Jan and Feb. All plants looking good. wildlife is quiet  
2/25/2017  NM-SN-45 NMSandoval Mildly Dry General Awareness
Society And Public Health
Tourism And Recreation
Water Supply And Quality
Well the month of February has broken the pattern of winter rains for the past 3 months with record setting warm, sunny and windy weather which has started to dry out the surface soil moisture to a depth of 1". One-seed Juniper pollen is filling the air with thick clouds of yellow pollen blowing off the branches, getting the allergy season off to a strong start. Snow pack is at a record high elevation snow line, affecting winter sports recreation and snow melt water for the spring run off. With a drier than normal spring precip. predicted, the chances for increased snow pack are diminishing.  
2/25/2017  NM-SR-49 NMSierra Near Normal General Awareness
Very strong winds yesterday and overnight  
2/25/2017  NC-BC-1 NCBuncombe Moderately Dry General Awareness
Conditions deteriorated. Although numerous precip. situations, very little total rainfall. Exceptionally warm.  
2/25/2017  NC-BC-105 NCBuncombe Moderately Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Tourism And Recreation
Water Supply And Quality
It's dry! less than in inch of rain in Feb and several days in the 70's. Fruit trees have flowered and are in danger of frost. Early plantings will need supplemental irrigation. Streams and creeks are low. Tourists are happy. Fire danger continues with many small fires and remedial burn backs adding to poor air quality and early pollen counts.  
2/25/2017  NC-OR-41 NCOrange Mildly Dry General Awareness
Soil dry  
2/25/2017  NC-PR-5 NCPerquimans Near Normal General Awareness
This is the first week since October 2015 that we did not have any measureable rain to report although we did have a few rain drops. This Mourning we had a heavy fog that wet plants. Looking at the fog through the sun light looked like it was mist. Still experiencing record and near record warm temp. I have lived hear for 22 years and do not recall cutting grass in February but I did this week.  
2/25/2017  NC-SM-13 NCSampson Near Normal General Awareness
we are no having any issues at this time  
2/25/2017  SC-BM-6 SCBamberg Mildly Dry General Awareness
Lack of rainfall in February starting show in lawns and agricultural interests. Bamberg County, South Carolina.  
2/25/2017  SC-BK-38 SCBerkeley Mildly Wet General Awareness
No effect as this is normal soil moisture for this area. The high temperatures are bringing out nats, mosquitoes and pollen earlier than usual.  
2/25/2017  SC-LX-96 SCLexington Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Turf is becoming active. Fruit trees and azaleas flowering. First honey bees seen in 2 years! Moderate to high pollen count this week. First two inches of soil dry.No freezing temperatures this week.  
2/25/2017  SD-MD-32 SDMeade Moderately Dry General Awareness
With the current snow...the drought is slowly improving...much more precip is needed.  
2/25/2017  TX-BND-55 TXBandera Near Normal General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Mild, even near record warm temps are causing things to green-up and trees are budding and even starting to leaf out, so Spring seems to have arrived. We are coming out of winter dormancy with its associated dry/dead appearance. That said, while we have gotten periodic rain, there have also been some long periods with no rain since mid/late October to present and very little in the way of forcasted precip for the upcoming week. Medina River USGS gauge at Patterson Street is at 5.25 ft. this morning versus 5.24 ft last week at this time reflecting the rain we had earlier this week. Gauge is .89 straight line miles NNW of my reporting station.  
2/25/2017  TX-BXR-331 TXBexar Near Normal General Awareness
no standing water; no cracks in ground  
2/25/2017  TX-DW-12 TXDe Witt Near Normal General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Rainfall year to date: 5.18 inches, February rainfall year to date: 3.07 inches ( February 30 year normal: 2.09 inches.  
2/25/2017  TX-DW-13 TXDe Witt Near Normal Rainfall year to date: 5.42 inches, February rainfall year to date: 3.29 inches, 30 year normal for February : 2.09 inches.  
2/25/2017  TX-DW-14 TXDe Witt Near Normal General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Rainfall year to date: 5.32 inches, February rainfall year to date: 3.21 inches, 30 year normal for February : 2.09 inches.  
2/25/2017  TX-ES-2 TXEastland Near Normal Conditions are normal at this time.  
2/25/2017  TX-HYS-133 TXHays Near Normal Plants And Wildlife
Water Supply And Quality
Loneman creek is over our low water crossing. Plants and ground are about normal. Rain the last 2 weeks with warm weather has trees starting to leaf and bud out. Lost of new grass and plant growth. Butterflys have started to come out. Birds are building nests. Spring is here.  
2/25/2017  TX-KF-16 TXKaufman Near Normal Plants And Wildlife
Water Supply And Quality
Water puddles etc. are near normal for this time of year.  
2/25/2017  TX-LV-23 TXLavaca Near Normal General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Water Supply And Quality
adequate moisture, grass and trees greening out, browse and grazing improving daily, rains have put more water in the stock ponds, cattle and wildlife look good, temperatures have been a bit on the high side[maybe the new normal]..  
2/25/2017  VA-PN-2 VAPrince Edward Near Normal General Awareness
Maintaining normal levels  
2/25/2017  VA-PW-13 VAPrince William Mildly Dry General Awareness
FoxMill Weather Station temperature-compensated soil moisture readings at 3 and 5 inch levels, 36 and 25 centibars respectively in Buckhall silty clay loam with 3.7% fine gravel/particulates and 3¾ inch mowed dense fescue overcover where the ground sensors are located. A total of 0.03 inch of precipitation recorded in the past seven days since the last Condition Monitoring Report was submitted. Weekly evapotranspiration (ET) total was 0.57 inch resulting in 0.54 inch ground moisture deficit. February cumulative totals: precip 0.28 inch; evapotranspiration (ET) 1.44 inch resulting in a monthly ground moisture deficit of 1.16 inch at FoxMill which correlates nicely (high R^2) with the observed soil moisture readings after accounting for the last precipitation type, weighted rate of fall, amount, duration, surface water runoff, ground temperatures, ET and the previous 30 day rolling measured data. FoxMill Weather Station (VA-PW-13) provides detailed ground moisture information (including evapotranspiration plus multi-depth soil temperature and moisture readings) on a *daily* basis in the CoCoRaHS Daily Precipitation Report ”Observation Notes" section which is updated at 6 a.m. by the duty observer.  
2/25/2017  WV-BY-6 WVBerkeley Near Normal General Awareness
Moisture is slightly on the low side, but is quite normal for March or April weather.In other words, the lower moisture has to do with higher temperatures  
2/25/2017  WY-WH-13 WYWashakie Mildly Wet General Awareness
Business And Industry
Tourism And Recreation
During the first part of the week temps had warmed up, snow melted and everything was MUD. Then temperatures dropped, snow began again so we're back to slush and ice. Overnight temps are still below freezing so the ground is still frozen and unable to soak in much moisture below 2". Ice on the highway, streets, and sidewalks is still a major detriment to getting around the state and community. Schools were closed and high school sporting events around the state were cancelled or postponed.  
2/25/2017  CAN-MB-43 CANManitoba Near Normal General Awareness
Tourism And Recreation
This years bonspiel thaw was more pronounced than usual during the first half of February, reducing the snowpack and interupting most natural ice activities. Temperatures have returned to normal this week.  
2/25/2017  CAN-NS-103 CANNova Scotia Moderately Wet General Awareness
We have had some nice mild temps, not normal for this time of year, and after having about 30 inches of snow a couple of weeks ago and the frost coming out of the ground it's making for some pretty mucky areas and lots of water run off.