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The CoCoRaHS iPhone and Android App

Would you like to submit your daily measurements from your smartphone? Well you are now in luck, as the CoCoRaHS iPhone and Android apps are now available and free to download thanks to the hard work of one of our CoCoRaHS volunteers, Steve Woodruff at Appcay in South Carolina.

The CoCoRaHS iPhone App is available at the Apple Store. Click here to download: ”CoCoRaHS iPhone App”.

The Android App can be downloaded via the Google play store by clicking here: ”CoCoRaHS Android App”

These apps allow registered CoCoRaHS observers to submit their daily precipitation reports via their mobile devices. In addition, users can view past reports to ensure accuracy.


The current "CoCoRaHS Message of the Day" automatically displays on your screen 
after you enter your daily observation on the data screen.