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A CoCoRaHS Gauge at the White House!

On Monday this week, a CoCoRaHS gauge made its debut at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the White House Kitchen Garden. Station number DC-DC-19. The National Park Service staff manages the grounds and are very interested and eager to help. Here is the official fact sheet.

CoCoRaHS’s Nolan Doesken was on hand that day and had the privilege to attend the White House’s Fifth Annual Science Fair in the East Wing of the White House. Nolan said that it was a great event and very inspiring to see so many young citizen scientists presenting their work. To read more about the day click here: Weather Underground News & Blogs

Over the past few years, the field of “Citizen Science” (which is how they describe us at CoCoRaHS) has grown steadily, and practitioners have even formed an association.

Where will a CoCoRaHS gauge show up next? Good question. Stay tuned . . . you might be surprised!


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