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What is your landscape's current condition? CoCoRaHS Condition Monitoring Reports

Our long used “Drought Monitoring Reports” function has recently transitioned to a much easier to use, broader-scoped report called “Condition Monitoring”.

Basically it’s a chance for you to give the nation an on-going “what’s the condition of my landscape” overview on a regular basis. Is is very dry? . . very wet? . . . or several steps in between. We have a sliding scale bar covering seven categories: “Severely Dry - Moderately Dry - Mildly Dry - Near Normal - Mildly Wet - Moderately Wet - Severely Wet” that you'll find easy to use. You also have a place to provide a description of how these dry, normal or wet conditions are affecting you, your livelihood, your activities, etc.

Please take a look at our new “Condition Monitoring Webpage” and click on the reporting guide. It’s simple to follow and then it’s very easy to file a report.

So during the next couple of days, if you have a free moment, “try filing a condition report”. You’ll be helping out a great many people by doing so and your information will be looked at on a regular basis by the author’s of the US Drought Monitor. In fact, if you can file a report once a week on a Saturday or Sunday that would be ideal, but as always feel free to file one whenever you are able.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message and for being part of our precipitation measuring team!


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