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"2015 CoCoRaHS Rain Gauge Calendar” Photo submission deadline June 1, 2014

We are looking for artistic close-ups of your gauge in natural settings such as beach backgrounds, farm backgrounds, mountain backgrounds, interesting cloud backgrounds, animals near the gauge, close-ups of droplets on the gauge, etc.

Please e-mail us close-up photos of your rain gauges with warm weather-spring/summery backgrounds for our "2015 CoCoRaHS Rain Gauge Calendar". Deadline: JUNE 1ST. Browntrout Publishers will be publishing our calendar this summer and it should be available for purchase by early September. Our last calendar in 2011 was very popular: “photo of calendar”.

What we are looking for are artistic high-quality, high-resolution photos (jpeg format) of your rain gauge with spring-summery backgrounds. We now have plenty of snow photos, so please do not send those. The photos should be of "the gauge" only and should not include people in them. Close-up shots of the gauge are best. Also make sure that they are well lit . . . better in sunlight than in a shadow. They can be creative. You may mail in more than one set of photos. We will narrow down our final photos in early June of 2014.

Please e-mail your photos to Henry Reges at: with the words "Rain Gauge 2015 Calendar Photo - Spring” in the subject line. Please include the name of the photographer for credit purposes, as well as the location - city, state - of the gauge (ex- John Jones: Royal, Illinois). Finally include in the text of your message that “I give CoCoRaHS permission to publish the photo and use it for other possible CoCoRaHS promotions".

Those which don't make the 2015 calendar we will keep on hand to consider for our possible 2016 calendar. So if you have the opportunity, keep your camera handy and continue shooting throughout the year! As we mentioned earlier . . . dusty gauges, full gauges, dew on the gauge, animals in or near the gauge, special lighting circumstances, rainbows in the background, lightning bolts in the background, etc. -- all photos should be natural, no photo-shopping please.

Thanks. The CoCoRaHS headquarters team


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