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The CoCoRaHS WxTalk Webinar!
May 2016:
The Weather and Climate of the Plains: The Land of Extremes

The Great Plains will be the focus of our second installment of our mini-series looking at the climate and weather of six regions of the United States. Our May "WxTalk Webinar” will take place on Thursday, May 5th. Join us as The Weather and Climate of the Plains: The Land of Extremes is presented by Natalie Umphlett of the High Plains Regional Climate Center located in Lincoln, NE.

Space is limited to the first 500 registrants, so register today! We will notify the first 500 who register of their acceptance to the Webinar. Those who aren't able to attend will be able to watch this episode on-line the following day.


Title: Webinar #48 - CoCoRaHS WxTalk: The Weather and Climate of the Plains: The Land of Extremes
Date: Thursday, May 5, 2016
Time: 1:00 PM Eastern, Noon Central, 11:00 AM Mountain, 10:00 AM Pacific

Nestled in the interior of North America lies the Great Plains, which stretches over 2,000 miles from Texas in the south through portions of Canada in the north. This region is known for its expansive skies, filled with billowing clouds and fiery sunsets. The geography of the region, with the Rocky Mountains to the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, contributes to a defining feature of the plains – its strong east to west gradient in precipitation. Early travelers on the plains would have experienced this through the transition from tall to short grass prairies and modern day travelers can see this as the trees in the east and scrubland in the west whiz by. The area is also prone to a wide variety of extreme weather and climate events, including heat waves, cold waves, flooding, drought, and blizzards, in addition to high winds, hail, and tornadoes from thunderstorms. Recently, the region suffered back to back extremes, with historic flooding in 2011 followed by historic drought in 2012.

Reserve your seat now by registering here: GREAT PLAINS

Be sure to attend our upcoming June CoCoRaHS WxTalk Webinar:

  • Thursday, June 23, 2016 - 1PM EDT: " Weather, climate and extremes in the western U.S. , presented by Nina Oakley of the Western Regional Climate Center, located in Reno, NV


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