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Headed out for vacation or just away for a few days? The Multi-Day Precipitation report.

Many folks ask us what to do about reading their rain gauges when they will be out of town for a few days. Not to worry, we have a easy solution for that. It’s called a “multi-day precipitation report”.

Here’s what you do. Make a note to yourself of the date when you last read your gauge. Then head off and enjoy your trip and don’t even think about CoCoRaHS (unless you want to tell the relatives you are visiting how to be part of this exciting network). When you get back, wait until the next morning to take your observation at the regular time. Note the date and the amount that has accumulated in your gauge. Then go to the multi-day report, fill in the appropriate information . . . hit submit and there you have it. Your accumulated amount will not show up on the maps, but will certainly be recorded in our system and on your station record.

Finally, it’s best not to say anything in the comments section that you plan to be away.

Hoping you have a fun trip planned during the weeks ahead . . . enjoy that vacation!


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