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Searched: Stations in Colorado. Report date on 3/5/2015.
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DateStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.Comments 
3/5/2015 CO-PK-91Bailey 4.5 NE T High 25 Low -3   View 
3/5/2015 CO-AM-21Alamosa 1.2 NE 0.00 warm temp.& wind the last few days getting rid of the snow.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-CF-20Maysville 2.2 NE 0.15 Windy; gauge only collected .10" of precipitation   View 
3/5/2015 CO-BO-99Hygiene .79 N 0.02 Clear, Unlimited, 7°, 75%RH, 30.20" stdy, Calm. 24HR Hi 25°, Lo 5°, Peak wind NE 6 mph @ 13:30 hrs.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-AD-170Aurora 4.5 NW 0.00 10° at 6:00 AM 25° at 2:20 PM   View 
3/5/2015 CO-DG-121Highlands Ranch 2.7 SSE T A couple of snow showers one in the early morning and a second in the afternoon.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-JF-179Lakewood 2.2 ESE 0.01 flurries all day long   View 
3/5/2015 CO-LR-40Loveland 1.5 N 0.01 Cold day yesterday with light snow in the morning, then gradually clearing skies. Cold evening. Clear and frigid this morning. High yesterday 22°, low -4°. Currently clear and -1°.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-TL-29Divide 1.0 E 0.02 Trace of new snow, wind blown so measurement is average   View 
3/5/2015 CO-DG-90Castle Rock 2.2 E T Flurries from report time, 6:28am to 9:00am. Started again about 1:00pm, stopped about 3:30pm.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-LR-240Estes Park 2.2 NE 0.00 Max wind gust 53 SW @ 6:29 a.m. Temps max 21; min -2; reporting time 21 @ 6:30 a.m.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-LR-687Loveland 2.7 E T yesterday's high 39.5 F, sporadic snow flurries in AM, but melted fast on shoveled driveway. overnight low 6.5 F, calm, mostly clear sky with high thin clouds to N and W. RH 65%.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-JF-72Broomfield 2.3 SSW T Bottom 1" layer of 8.5" total snow core consists of hard ice, making it difficult to obtain perfect core for SWE.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-AD-100Thornton 2.1 N T Light snow continued at obs. Sunny by 8:05 ~ 11:40, clouds increase 12:30, flurries, then intermittent most of the afternoon. Thi 21F @ 13:17. / Obs: 10F, calm, mostly clear sky.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-AR-297Littleton 0.3 NNE T A dusting of snow in the cylinder   View 
3/5/2015 CO-BO-8Lafayette 0.4 WSW 0.02 very light snow early, then light snow roughly noon to mid-afternoon, then clearing   View 
3/5/2015 CO-BO-67Boulder 4.7 E 0.03 snow showers began mid to late morning then steady S- to S about 1230 until about 1500. Snow depth in shade 11.5"   View 
3/5/2015 CO-BO-92Nederland .47 ESE T Flurries on Wednesday; blowing snow overnight. Peak gust W 33kts   View 
3/5/2015 CO-BO-165Boulder 1.8 ESE 0.08 28º / 7º Flurries at 7:00a~1:00p(T/T), increasing to lt snow thru 3:30p(.08/.6)   View 
3/5/2015 CO-BO-220Boulder 4.7 ENE 0.01 Interspersed sun and flurries through the day. Heaviest snow observed waw between 7:10 and 7:30 AM.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-BO-290Lafayette 2.3 NW 0.02 Snow, off and on most of the day but no measurable accumulation on snow board nor on the driveway. Snow in the rain gauge had 0.02" of moisture.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-BO-322Nederland 0.4 WNW 0.05 Windy all night   View 
3/5/2015 CO-BO-380Boulder 2.0 W 0.05 New snow on recycle bin lid measured 0.7" in the morning but I know more than that fell -- probably 1.5" but I don't have a good place to measure it. Total snow depth an average of 5 measurements ranging from 7-11".   View 
3/5/2015 CO-BR-24Broomfield 1.3 SSW 0.02 9.3F light snow flurries all day   View 
3/5/2015 CO-CH-28Cheyenne Wells 1.6 N 0.00 19°, 61% humidity, clear skies, south wind   View 
3/5/2015 CO-CC-2Evergreen 5 W 0.01 Warming during the night from 1° to 23° due to SW downslope wind. Is the wind blowing winter away? Nice wave cloud over My Evans is AM.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-DN-109Cherry Hills Village 2.1 N 0.00 Previous 24 hr temps: Hi 24.8° Lo 5.0° Current Conditions @ 0700: 12.2° Calm and clear, warming up quickly (6.8° at 0600). The birds seem to think it's spring - there are birds everywhere this morning.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-DN-183Denver 5.1 ENE T Very light snow around 8:00 am, dry remainder of day   View 
3/5/2015 CO-DG-25Castle Pines 2.2 NNE T T 4º RH 50% P.Cloud. W/ Mod Air. OvrN L. Oº Yest H1º   View 
3/5/2015 CO-DG-176Highlands Ranch 0.6 SSE T Cool morning with mostly clear skies.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-DG-218The Pinery 1.2 ESE 0.01 6 degrees and 80% humidity, calm and blue skies.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-EG-8Wolcott 2.3 N 0.00 High 27°F, Low -6°F, 7am -6°F.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-EG-21Vail 0.9 WNW T Wednesday was a bitterly cold day! We had snow showers and blowing snow but there was no accumulation. It is well below zero this morning and mostly sunny with a few scattered clouds.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-EP-17Monument 2.1 ENE 0.04 Cloudy, cold day. Very light snow fell most of the day as bands of snow moved through.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-EP-58Ivywild 0.6 E 0.06 Very light snow at start of period with a break mid-morning. Snow resumed just before noon, lasting most of the day and stopping early evening. Clear sky now with temp = 0 F.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-EP-175Manitou Springs 1.2 ESE 0.05 Light snow during the day with occasional heavier showers. Took an average of old/new snow, 7."   View 
3/5/2015 CO-EP-194Colorado Springs 1.1 NE 0.07 Temp - 3F Solar - 16294 kWh 10 - 9361 kWh 11 - 16612 kWh   View 
3/5/2015 CO-EP-202Fountain 1.8 NNE 0.04 Some settling of the fine, powdery snow. Variable snow depth on the north and south sides of the house.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-EP-210Colorado Springs 3.0 S 0.05 Light snow ended 7:55AM. Afternoon and evening light snow, times not observed.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-EP-230Colorado Springs 2.1 SSW NA (Edit: Observer initially reported 0.26" of precip. This is anomalously high for the region. Possible decimal error. Changed precip to NA. Observer will be contacted. M.W.)   View 
3/5/2015 CO-EP-256Peyton 8.3 SW 0.05 snow flakes appear to be stellar dendrites. Must have snowed last night.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-EP-291Colorado Springs 8.2 SE 0.01 How can it snow all day and there be so little accumulation. Sublimation, perhaps? Hours were spent, morning and evening, to push the snow off the driveway.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-EP-303Colorado Springs 1.1 W 0.05 Current temp +8 F. Calm.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-FM-9Canon City .84 SE T 24 hr temps, HI 25, LO 11, 21 degrees with winds W@5mph at 0700 hrs. TRACE of precip(snow)in the last 24 hrs. RON   View 
3/5/2015 CO-GR-52Parshall 3.0 NNW T Trace was a short snow shower that moved through sometime between 11 AM and noon yesterday. The flakes were tiny and there was very little accumulation, less than half a tenth of an inch.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-HF-24Walsenburg 1.0 WNW 0.07 today @ 0700 clear, 19F, 49%RH, winds 3mph; yesterday snow mainly in the afternoon, HI 21F, LO -5F, MAX wind g 16mph, new snow amt of 2.1 taken at noon   View 
3/5/2015 CO-JF-81Conifer 3.9 SE 0.01 9F   View 
3/5/2015 CO-JF-240Arvada 3.8 W 0.01 Periods of intermittent snow flurries until about 4 PM.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-JF-290Wheat Ridge 2.8 WSW T Scattered snow flurries throughout the daylight hours.   View 
3/5/2015 CO-JF-343Wheat Ridge 0.9 WSW 0.01 Total snow on ground around site ranges from about 7 to 12 inches.   View