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Searched: Stations in Colorado. Report date on 2/25/2017.
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DateStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.Comments 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-333Colorado Springs 5.0 ENE 0.01 Snow flurries occurred in the afternoon.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-BO-99Hygiene .79 N T Clear, Unlimited, 10°, 82%RH, 29.97" steady now, Calm. 24HR Hi 24°, Lo 9°, DP 5°.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-343Peyton 6.8 WSW 0.01 Multiple very light fluffy snow showers during the day.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-JK-28Walden 18.0 NNW T little cooler low of 5   View 
2/25/2017 CO-LR-40Loveland 1.5 N T Very cold day yesterday with flurries on and off during the morning hours. Flurries tapered off early afternoon. Cloudy and cold evening. Partly cloudy and frigid this morning. High yesterday 27°, low 6°. Currently partly cloudy and 7°.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-MT-42Montrose 10.1 S 0.13 +2 F Snowed late yesterday morning into afternoon. Temp dropped dramatically. Clear and calm this AM. @ 6800 ft. along the Uncompahgre plateau   View 
2/25/2017 CO-LR-240Estes Park 2.2 NE 0.05 Max wind gust 31 SW @ 3:18 a.m. Temps max 19; min -5; reporting time 10 @ 6:30 a.m.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-AD-220Strasburg 2.5 NW T light snow all day yesterday   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-359Colorado Springs 7.2 ENE T 19 degrees and mostly clear. Light and brief snow flurry yesterday afternoon   View 
2/25/2017 CO-ME-79Grand Junction 3.9 WSW T very light grapuel flurries throughout the day   View 
2/25/2017 CO-AD-123Brighton 4.0 WNW T Observed widely scattered snow flakes throughout most of the day with no accumulation.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-AM-10Great Sand Dunes 7.0 SSW T Afternoon grapple and snow flurries - slop from precip activity higher up on Sangres - no accumulation at this level.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-AR-262Aurora 2.1 W T Snow flurries through out the gray day, high temp in the 20s. 13° & partly cloudy skies at 7AM today.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-BO-8Lafayette 0.4 WSW 0.02 Most snow ended by late a.m., with some light showers extending until early aftn. Some sun by mid-aftn.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-BO-57Nederland 5.8 E 0.08 11º; WNW to 13mph; scattered clouds. Snow is moderately drifted and compacted. Gauge catch yielded 0.05" SWE.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-BO-67Boulder 4.7 E 0.01 extreme fluff, mostly in the morning. Snow depth took a hit with the limited sun despite the high of only 26   View 
2/25/2017 CO-BO-92Nederland .47 ESE 0.07 Very light snow most of ob period up thru 10pm. Windy after 6am with blowing snow. Peak gust 48mph. Temp 8F; wind chill -11F.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-BO-110Nederland 4.8 ENE 0.22 This reading appears to be an outlier by a factor of 3 to 5, but I have checked and re-checked both the new snow depth and the weight of the catch (44 g).   View 
2/25/2017 CO-BO-165Boulder 1.8 ESE 0.03 37º / 15º Flurries/ Lt Snow 7:00-11:15a (.03/.8) Occ PM flurries (T)   View 
2/25/2017 CO-BO-202Ward 4.6 NE 0.11 Snow depth estimated; fluffy light snow continued thru late afternoon at temperatures just above 10F. Storm totals: 0.69/11.1", enough to hoist the monthly total above normal for 8 Februaries running.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-BO-220Boulder 4.7 ENE 0.02 On and off light snow through late afternoon   View 
2/25/2017 CO-BO-290Lafayette 2.3 NW 0.02 Temperature range: 17-33 Snow flurries most of the day   View 
2/25/2017 CO-BO-322Nederland 0.4 WNW 0.12 It was a very windy night, so .12 probably not accurate   View 
2/25/2017 CO-DN-109Cherry Hills Village 2.1 N T Previous 24 hr temps: Hi 31.5° Lo 14.5° Current Conditions @ 0700: 14.9° Calm and cloudy.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-DG-145Castle Rock 2.9 WNW 0.02 Light snow showers throughout the day yesterday.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-DG-176Highlands Ranch 0.6 SSE 0.01 Snowed on and off most of yesterday with heaviest before 10 a.m. Some melting after major snow stopped. Overcast at sunset. Currently partly cloudy and cold.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EG-6Basalt 5.8 E 0.07   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EG-8Wolcott 2.3 N 0.03 high 29ºF, low 2ºF, 7:00 am 3ºF.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EG-21Vail 0.9 WNW 0.18 Snow fell off and on during the day yesterday without much accumulation. Light snow fell during the night. This morning is in the single digits and a partly clear/partly cloudy sky. Snow yesterday was accompanied by strong wind. The temperature barely reached 20 degrees for a high.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EL-62Punkin Center 7.2 NNW T Our ground is barely white.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-17Monument 2.1 ENE 0.04 Cold, overcast with snow showers most of the day.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-24Black Forest 2.1 SSE 0.08 Much colder day with lighter winds and light snow on and off throughout most of the day with some accumulation. High temp never made it into the 20's. Mostly clear, light winds and cold with 8.3° at time of report. Hi/Low temps: 19.2°/ minus 2.1°.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-58Ivywild 0.6 E 0.02 A brief dusting of light snow shortly after 7:00 AM yesterday. Occasional brief periods of very light snow starting early afternoon and in the night with only light accumulation. Mostly sunny and 13 degrees now.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-61Gleneagle 0.4 WNW 0.06 min temp 4F   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-175Manitou Springs 1.2 ESE 0.05 Snow flurries and light snow showers most of the day and into the night. February 25th: It's Hogback Day! A rugged hogback ridge rises above the eastern horizon just southeast of our home. For most of the winter, the sun rises from behind the ridge, working its way south along the ridge top. At the winter solstice, it reverses its course and slowly returns to the north. On February 25th, the sun rises at the point where the ridge slopes to meet the horizon. Hogback Day. Hogback Day marks a time of ever-earlier sunrises, longer days, birds singing again after a long winter, spring just a few weeks away.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-210Colorado Springs 3.0 S 0.01 Light flurries during the afternoon and overnight.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-256Peyton 8.3 SW 0.02 0.3 inches snow covering the ground   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-291Colorado Springs 8.2 SE T two separate trace of snow events   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-354Calhan 5.6 S T Very little snow on ground so unable to make total measurement   View 
2/25/2017 CO-EP-356Colorado Springs 7.3 NE 0.02 13F very light afternoon snow   View 
2/25/2017 CO-FM-8Penrose 1.7 WNW T Quick flurry in the morning melted as it fell   View 
2/25/2017 CO-FM-9Canon City .84 SE 0.01 24 hr temps, HI 30, LO 16, 16 degrees with calm winds at 0700 hrs. .01 inches of precip(rain/snow)in the last 24 hrs. RON   View 
2/25/2017 CO-GF-6Rifle .96 NNW 0.19 The low this morning was + 7.2 degrees we had a rain mixed with snow last night   View 
2/25/2017 CO-GF-47Carbondale 0.5 W 0.05 new snow approximated   View 
2/25/2017 CO-GL-17Rollinsville 1.1 SSW 0.07 Light snow on and off all day and into the night.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-HF-24Walsenburg 1.0 WNW 0.04 today @ 0700 clear, calm, cold with light blanket of snow on ground, 15F; yesterday a few snow grains in the morning, mostly cldy, then snow started approx 1700 and continued probably until around 2200   View 
2/25/2017 CO-JF-240Arvada 3.8 W 0.02 Intermittent light snow.   View 
2/25/2017 CO-KW-38Eads 6.1 ESE T very light covering of snow not measurable moisture   View 
2/25/2017 CO-LP-20Durango 10 NNE 0.01 Light snow during the morning, stayed cold during the day. With a high temperature of 38.3 deg F and a low of 10.8 deg F overnight @ Station elevation of 6700   View