Become a CoCoRaHS Observer in the Bahamas

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Country Bahamas
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  • Volunteers must have a CoCoRaHS-approved, 4" diameter rain gauge (other gauges not accepted)
  • Volunteers must complete a training session (online or in-person)

Why we use manual rain gauges.

Rain gauge observation units:
Please make sure to use the gauge inner tube that corresponds to your selected observations units.
Rain gauge will be emptied daily at:

It is important to the CoCoRaHS that your rain gauge is read and emptied at the same time each day.
Participants acknowledge that Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow (CoCoRaHS), its partners, sponsors, and supporters are not responsible for incidental damages, personal damages, injury, or any other legal matters that may arise from their performance of their duties as a CoCoRaHS volunteer observer.