WxTalk Webinar #86


Webinar #86 - June 2023

The 420,002,023rd Year of Biomass Burning on Earth

Tim Brown
Director, Western Regional Climate Center
Desert Research Institute
Reno, NV


Wildfires dominate the media through pictures and interviews highlighting, and rightly so, destructive and impactful events. Yet, there are many nuances about fire, and as far as we can tell, wildfire began on Earth around 420 million years ago. Today, it is a very complex physical and societal integrated system comprised of climate, fuels, and people. Wildfire, prescribed fire, smoke, watersheds, ecosystems, landscapes, traditional lands, and built environments are all interconnected through fire. Some days of the year are especially newsworthy, but every day and night there is something fire. This Webinar will present a narrative and perspective on good and bad fire, and the relationship with society.

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