CoCoRaHS WxTalk #83




Webinar #83 -   October 20, 2022  

The Graphics Boom – How Not to Go Bust
Todd Glickman, Craig Allen 
WCBS Radio
New York, NY

The first TV weather graphics systems were introduced in the early 1980s. At the 14th AMS Conference on Weathercasting in Clearwater Beach, FL (June 1984), Todd Glickman gave a presentation that suggested best practices TV weathercasters could use to keep their audience engaged, primarily using radio weathercasting techniques. Now 38 years later, TV weathercasters show on-air sophisticated model presentations, high-resolution radar displays, and present forecasts farther into the future. But what has not changed is that they are challenged with telling a story that their viewers will understand, appreciate, and remember. In this presentation, we’ll look at techniques to best connect with the viewer – and surprise! – in this regard, not much has changed.

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