CoCoRaHS WxTalk Webinar #80


Webinar #80 - 
March 10, 2022

Snow above freezing?  Intriguing phenomena and Mountain Rain or Snow citizen science
Meghan Collins 
Desert Research Institute 
Reno, NV



Mountain Rain or Snow is a citizen science project that starts with a simple observation: Snow can fall at temperatures above 32°F. In this presentation, we’ll unpack the science behind this phenomenon, and why it creates a conundrum for weather managers and hydrology pros. We’ll also share how ground-based observations answering the simple question “Is it raining, snowing, or mixed precipitation right now?” can make a big difference for estimating just how much precipitation falls in winter. Join us to hear about the impact that thousands of observations are making for the world of weather forecasting and hydrologic prediction, and how important the role of weather observers are in this science.

View the Webinar by clicking here: SNOW ABOVE 32F

View Meghan's presentation slides  


  • Project website, including directions on how to sign up:
    • To sign up, text your keyword to this number: 855-909-0798
      • Colorado/Southern Rockies: CORainSnow
      • California/Nevada: WINTER
      • Northeast: NorEaster
      • Oregon: OregonRainorSnow
      • Great Basin: GreatBasin
  • Web app for sharing observations: 
  • “Ask Me Anything” session with the Mountain Rain or Snow team:
  • Link to 9News piece on why snow falls above freezing and MRoS: 9NEWS