CoCoRaHS Weather Talk Webinar #78


Webinar #78 - 
Thursday, September 9, 2021

"Derechos: Nature’s Wall of Wind"
Walker S. Ashley
Northern Illinois University
Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences
DeKalb. IL


Thunderstorm generated windstorms occur over broad spatial and temporal scales; however, the more widespread and longer-lived of these windstorms are known as “derechos”.  This talk will define derechos and their different types, reveal the interesting origin and history of the term derecho, provide a climatological overview of these extreme events, and illustrate the impacts these windstorms can have on communities by examining a few noteworthy events. We will also examine the unique visual and radar characteristics of thunderstorm systems that produce derechos. We will conclude with a discussion of how climate change may affect derechos and their parent thunderstorm systems in the 21st century.

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