CoCoRaHS Weather Talk Webinar #75


Webinar #75 - Thursday, March 11, 2021

"COOP - NOAA's long established citizen observation program"
Amy Fritz
COOP Program Manager  NOAA/National Weather Service
Silver Spring, MD

Amy Fritz will present on the National Weather Service’s Cooperative Observer Program (COOP). She will share with the audience the history and origin of the program (dating back to 1890), what instruments are used, where the stations are located, what happens to the observations once they are collected, and how the program helps the NWS. She will also talk about how COOP is similar to CoCoRaHS, and how they are different. 

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Daily observations at NCEI – Global Historical Climate Network Daily product (GHCN-D)


Metadata available on NCEI Historical Observing Metadata Repository (HOMR)

Original records (paper forms) found at NCEI (aka NCDC) Image and Publications System (IPS


For information on properly siting rain gauges and temperature sensors, see NWS Instruction 10-1302