Weather Talk #69


Webinar #69 - Thursday, April 30, 2020

NOAA's Weather Prediction Center --  Part 1: A Quick Overview with a Deeper Dive into QPF/Heavy Rainfall Products
Greg Gallina
NOAA/Weather Prediction Center
College Park, MD

NOAA's Weather Prediction Center (WPC) is one of nine National Centers of Environmental Prediction that include Centers like the more familiar National Hurricane Center or Storm Prediction Center.   However, much like the name implies, the mission of WPC is quite broad and covers many of the aspects of weather for the entire nation including but not limited to:  Analysis and forecast weather maps/charts (ie fronts, high/low pressure area, isobars),  heavy rainfall and flash flooding concerns, and winter weather in the short-term (up to 3 days) and medium range (up to 7-10) forecast periods, as well as, serving as backup to the National Hurricane Center.  

Given the breadth of WPC's roles, this talk (part 1) will quickly overview WPC's position and role within the national weather enterprise, but then take a deeper look into the center's expertise in precipitation forecasting focusing on products and uses coming into convective (thunderstorm season):  Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF), Excessive Rainfall Outlook (ERO), and Mesoscale Precipitation Discussions (MPDs).   In late summer, early fall, a second talk (part 2) will shift focus to WPC's role in winter weather forecasting with new products and services being tested and available to more users into the 2020-21 winter weather season. 

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