Weather Talk #67


Webinar #67 - Thursday, December 12, 2019

Wind Meteorology as Super Hero:  A Primer on Wind Energy and the Global Transition to Renewable Energy
Greg Poulos
ArcVera Renewables
Golden, CO


During this webinar we will have fun working through the remarkable history of how meteorology and renewable energy are intertwined and quietly lead a revolution to change how the US and the globe generate electricity.  We will transparently discuss the early mistakes in the industry and where solar energy and storage of energy fit into this fascinating tale of the rise of a new global industry.

How does it work?  Why is it growing so rapidly?  In a clear and simple primer, we will discuss how surprisingly intricate meteorology and the wind which fuels this energy source, govern the expansion of wind energy.  We will discuss how wind farms begin and become a reality, from a grassy farm field next door to gently spinning wind mills.  How big are they? How big will they be in the future?  We will touch on all of these issues, and the eminent rise of offshore wind energy in the US.

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