WxTalk Webinar #54


Webinar #54- Thursday, November 3,  2016

Weather, Climate and Phenology
Theresa Crimmins
National Phenology Network (NPN)
Tucson, AZ


April showers bring May flowers…really?

We’ve all heard the saying that April showers bring May flowers… is this true? Are plants really that responsive to environmental conditions? Indeed, they are… the timing of rainfall and heat events has lots to do with when plants leaf out, flowers open, fruits ripen, birds migrate, insects hatch, and lots more. The timing of these events in plants and animals is known as phenology. The phenology of many events in plants and animals is sensitive to antecedent and immediate conditions, and as the climate is changing, so is the timing of leaf out, flowering, migration, and more in many species.

Thousands of individuals are tracking the timing of plant and animal phenology across the U.S. as part of a program called Nature’s Notebook, run by the USA National Phenology Network. Using these observations, scientists are now clearly documenting that when it rains it pours…and then the flowers bloom! This presentation will cover the history and science of phenology, some key findings that observational data have yielded, and how you can play a role in documenting changing phenology in your own yard.

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