WxTalk Webinar #53


Webinar #53 - Thursday, October 20 , 2016

The COMET Program: Freely available online lessons in weather and the natural sciences
Matt Kelsch
Boulder, CO


Greg Byrd
Boulder, CO


Located in Boulder, the award-winning COMET Program has produced over 800 hours of online lessons in meteorology, hydrology, climate science, oceanography, and astronomy that are freely available to over 450,000 registered users in 190+ countries worldwide.  These lessons range from very complex college-level training to more basic lessons geared for the public. We will highlight some of the more basic, highly visual lessons on various topics in the natural sciences. You will also see how CoCoRaHS reports are a vital part of ongoing research and how that relates to our training activity.

View the Webinar by clicking here: https://youtu.be/AEVLjVk12t8

View Matt and Greg's presentation slides (16MB)


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