WxTalk Webinar #31


Webinar #31 - Thursday, June 19,  2014

Waterspouts: The Wet-Whirlwind Cousin to the Tornado

Joseph H. Golden
Golden Research & Consulting
Boulder, CO


This presentation will show many spectacular slides and video of waterspouts around the world, including the Mediterranean and the world’s waterspout capital, the Florida Keys. Our speaker, Joseph Golden will talk about new technology for probing waterspouts and computer models that can simulate waterspout-like vortices. Finally our speaker will show video clips of some notable waterspout encounters, including some that were filmed during an expedition that he led for National Geographic to the Keys.  If you are interested in waterspouts, you don’t want to miss this Webinar!

View the Webinar by clicking here:  http://youtu.be/jXG_kc3o8cI


The International Centre For Waterspout Research (ICWR)

American Meteorological Society Journal Articles on Waterspouts:
"Life Cycle of Florida Keys' Waterspouts. I" - Joseph Golden
"Scale-Interaction Implications for the Waterspout Life Cycle. II" - Joseph Golden
"Waterspouts and Tornadoes over South Florida" - Joseph Golden
"An Assessment of Waterspout Frequencies along the U.S. East and Gulf Coasts" - Joseph Golden
"Hawaiian Waterspouts and Tornadoes"  - Thomas Schroeder
"Multiple Waterspouts on Lake Tahoe" - Richard Grotjahn
"A Great Salt Lake Waterspout" - Simpson et al

Double waterspouts spotted over Lake Michigan - YouTube
*For you safety do not approach a waterspout - these people do not realize the danger.
These actions are the exact opposite of what one should do when encountering a waterspout.
Don't get this close to a waterspout - YouTube*
Another foolish encounter with a waterspout - YouTube*
Boating trough a waterspout*