WxTalk Webinar #29


Webinar #29 - Thursday, April 17,  2014

Air Quality: Local, Regional, and Global Perspectives

Sonia Kreidenweis
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO


While air quality in many parts of the world has been steadily improving in past decades, many challenges remain. In this talk we will take a look at the major air pollutants that are regulated in the United States and why they made the list. Some of the atmospheric chemistry that contributes to pollution levels will be discussed. We will conclude the discussion with an overview of some of the websites that provide information about daily air quality as well as forecasts for the US and other countries.

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Air Quality Awareness Week: April 28 – May 2, 2014
Learn about all air-related issues: EPA
EPA: Learn-about-air
Learn about the criteria pollutants
Today’s AQI forecast: AirNow
The AQI Calculator (input an observation and have it translated into AQI, along with interpretation)
Information on global air quality issues and health impacts: World Health Organization

Global satellite imagery of events such as dust storms, fires: NASA

NOAA's Air Quality Forecasts

American Lung Association's State of the Air

Aircasting (device that plugs into an Android Phone)

Cornell's Citizen Science Central Air Quality Projects