WxTalk Webinar #23


Webinar #23 - Thursday, October 17,  2013

Meteorological Instruments -- Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!

Stephen Burt,
Univ. of Reading, Reading, UK


Stephen’s webinar covers the basics of making and archiving weather observations with consumer-level weather stations and readily-available weather instruments. The topics include choosing and using weather stations, how best to expose your instruments for best results, and specific guidance on measuring air temperature and humidity, precipitation, atmospheric pressure and wind speed and direction. The session closes with a few pointers on how best to collect and make use of your weather station data.

View the Webinar by clicking here: http://youtu.be/xggqaJKy9Vc

View Stephen Burt's presentation slides (2.8MB)


The Weather Observer's Handbook by Stephen Burt
Available at Amazon.com or Cambridge University Press

NCDC CRN site: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/crn/