WxTalk Webinar #17


Webinar #17 - Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forecasting the Ferocious: The How, What, Where and Why of Tornadoes

Greg Carbin,
NOAA/Storm Prediction Center, Norman, OK


"Greg will give an overview of how the Storm Prediction Center forecasts severe weather in general and then concentrate on tornado forecasting specifically. We can learn a lot by looking at the historic record of tornado events in the United States. We also will take a look at why tornadoes form where they do in the U.S. and elsewhere and why twisters are much more common in North America compared to other parts of the world. We’ll finish by looking at the current events during the spring of 2013 and take a look at what’s ahead in terms of tornado forecasting and warning technology."

View the Webinar by clicking here: http://youtu.be/q2jqX12rU_k

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