WxTalk Webinar #12


Webinar #12
-  Thursday, November 8,  2012

Weather Optics - "There are more 'bows' in the sky than just rainbows"

Grant Goodge - Earth Resources Technology, Inc., Laurel, Maryland


This webinar will provide an overview of weather optics and will show many examples of these wonderful phenomena.

"If one takes time to look there are many beautiful displays of light that are formed by the light bent as it passes through or reflected from both rain drops and ice crystals.  Most of these are seen during the day, but some are also seen at night when the moon is more than half full.  Even though the Northern Lights are not produced from sunlight or moonlight, they can also bring great pleasure to the observer. "

View the Webinar by clicking here: http://youtu.be/YsAMczq79nA


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