Ice Accretion Pilot


Welcome to the Ice Accretion Pilot page

Safety First! Please use precautions and do not put your personal safety or health at risk.  Click here to read our volunteer safety tips.

As we test this new protocol (including photo submission!), we will use feedback from data users (NWS and researchers) and data contributors (CoCoRaHS volunteers) to make changes and refine the process. For this reason, data entry and data viewing will be hosted outside of the CoCoRaHS website through a site called JotForm.

For the first time ever, CoCoRaHS volunteers will have the ability to submit photos, but for privacy concerns, we will initially only provide photos to the NWS and CoCoRaHS Coordinators. Eventually, as the process is refined, it will be implemented onto a normal CoCoRaHS data entry page and viewing the data will be available to the public.

Ice Accretion Pilot Training Guide

This guide goes over the basics of ice accretion and instructions for installing a dowel on your rain gauge post, as well as reporting impacts.  New Features with optional photo upload!


Click here to enter data

Or point your smartphone camera at the QR code to enter data from your phone


Data viewing options (Photos and addresses will not be available to the public). Please contact HQ if you are a coordinator or NWS employee for access to all data.

  • View submitted reports of pre-measured dowels only (click here).
  • View submitted reports after an ice event - impacts, measurements and comments only (click here).


Printable Resources


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