Other Ways to View Your Data


There are some new data viewing tools provided by the National Weather Service that offer different ways of viewing weather and climate data, including data from CoCoRaHS.  Many of them obtain their data from the Applied Climate Information System (ACIS) developed and maintained by the Regional Climate Centers (RCCs). The daily data from CoCoRaHS are fed into ACIS by the Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN) Daily database which is collected, compiled, and distributed by the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, NC.

The GHCN database only contains the data for CoCoRaHS stations that have submitted at least 100 observations. New active stations are added to the GHCN database once a month, so depending on timing it could be four months before a new station appears in GHCN, and thus in the products listed below.  *Please note: the underlying database for the NOWData tool does not assimilate the multi-day amounts, so days included in a multi-day period are set to "M".  This should be resolved in the future, but in the meantime, you can use the Station Precip Summary option on the CoCoRaHS web site to get your actual monthly totals.

Links to the various products are below, but finding your CoCoRaHS data are not necessarily intuitive.  We encourage you to follow the directions provided below each product:

Click here and begin by selecting your nearest National Weather Service Office page.  Once you select your nearest office, you will land on the NOWData page for your area.  Here, you will need to click on 'View Map' under 'Location' where you can then select 'Show More Stations' using the link below the map.  From here, you will see several CoCoRaHS icons appear, and now you can zoom in and click on your station.  Once your station is selected, choose an product such as 'Monthly Summarized Data' or 'Accumulated Precipitation', choose an option and select 'Go' to view the data.

There are detailed instructions along with screenshots and images from NOWData on the CoCoRaHS Blog post here.

NWS *Experimental* EDD (Enhanced Data Display):
Click here to open up the product with CoCoRaHS data toggled ON.  There are lots of things to view on this map, so try adding layers, adjusting the filters, change the date, and even save/share the map you create using the link at the bottom of the page.

NOHRSC - Great charts and graphs of your snow data - and more:
Click here to begin by selecting your state and then clicking on your CoCoRaHS Station ID.  From here, your data will default to several charts and graphs showing your snow data for the current month.  There are options at the top of the page to set the start and end dates, as well as choices for 'English Units' instead of 'Metric Units'.

cliMATE (Requires registration - but is FREE!)
Click here to begin, and log in or register for free at the top of the page.  Once you are logged in, look to the left side of the screen for 'select station'.  From here, the easiest way to select your station is by clicking on the map.  Next, toggle the other types of stations to 'off' and toggle CoCoRaHS to 'on'.  Now you can zoom in and click on your station, then click on 'select' from the right side of the page - and then click on 'go'.  This will land you back on the cliMATE home page, but the station you selected is now highlighted at the top of the page.  Once you have your station selected, mouse over the words 'Station Data' from the left side of the page and select your choice.

There are detailed instructions along with screenshots and images from cliMATE on the CoCoRaHS Blog post here.