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Are you familiar with the U.S. Drought Portal?

Is drought lurking about in your part of the country?

"Drought is one of the most costly natural disasters affecting the U.S. The National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) was established in 2006 (NIDIS Act) to help begin to move society from a reactive response to drought to a proactive stance. NIDIS was envisioned to be a dynamic and accessible drought information system that provides users with the ability to determine the potential impacts of drought and the associated risks they bring, and the decision support tools needed to better prepare for and mitigate the effects of drought. In this, NIDIS forms the backbone of a national Drought Early Warning System and the U.S. Drought Portal is the public face of NIDIS on the Web."

You may not realize it, but CoCoRaHS precipitation observations play an important role along with other factors in helping our friends at NIDIS determine where drought conditions exist. Especially important are those zeros when nothing falls from the sky and your comments on how the conditions are impacting you.

To visit the NIDIS Website and learn more about the portal click here: NIDIS.

Please take a few moments and share the NIDIS Portal website with others and keep up the good work by sending in your precipitation reports -- rain or shine!